The 9 Best Beauty Street Style Trends From New York Fashion Week


Bold, orangy hues, short shorts, geometric prints, laid back cropped pants — talk about fashion and the streets of New York! In this year’s New York Fashion Week, the runways are not the only places where the trends are being set, the streets are just as influential, and the people, just as fashionable and perhaps even more interesting.

9 Outfits to Own Straight from the Streets of New York

1. Palazzo Pants Paired with a Plain Top

Palazzo Pants Paired with a Plain Top

Give your casual, laid back outfits an added flair wearing these loose, stylish and absolutely comfortable pair of pants. The most fash ones are those that completely cover your feet and touch the pavement. Pair with any plain top. You can do it the way Zendaya did on the Michael Kors show as well, that is, in tube top and a matching choker.

2. Tribal Inspired Skirt and Blouse Ensemble: Raw, chic and unique — that’s what makes these tribal prints an attention grabber. Go full blast by getting authentic textiles. Put on your mules and your messenger bag or handbag to complete the look.

3. Metallic Skirt and a Sweatshirt

Metallic Skirt and a Sweatshirt

Wear a bold red metallic miniskirt and pair it with a plain top to tone down the look a bit to turn it into a daytime street wear.

4. Long Blouse and Cropped Pants: Remember those long blouses with high slits on the sides that were a huge hit in Summer? It’ll stay in the radar. This time, the sides are more styled up with buttoned peepers.

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5. Plaid Pants and Hooded Jacket

Plaid Pants and Hooded Jacket

A possible Fall staple, play up your usual plain pants with plaid and pair with a jacket or any basic top. Pair with pumps, heels or trainers and you’ll look just fine with any.

6. Body Hugging Blouses with Peepers and Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans have just become sexier with these sexy tops. Pair with your ankle boots and a colorful bag to complete the look.

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7. Black Ensemble with a Bold Colored Accessory

Black Ensemble with a Bold Colored Accessory

Pull on a black ensemble and accent it with a brightly colored scarf.

8. Cropped Jumpsuits: Show off one of the most beautiful additions in this season’s trending shoes, the wedged gladiators, in this fresh and cool outfit. Polka dots will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe this season.

9. Denim Jeans and Black Blazers

Denim Jeans and Black Blazers

Pair these with your black, high cut, ankle boots and a sleek, wet look hair for a fresh, bad girl on the streets image.


Fashion is a risk. Go and be inspired by the people on the streets who, themselves, are taking a risk on fashion and their image. With real, fashionable people dictating the trends, you can’t go wrong when you form your own insight about what the next big thing in fashion just might be.

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