Stylish Hats For Summer 2012


An essential piece for your summer wardrobe is a hat. Besides looking great, summer hats offer practicality like effective protection from sun damage. Available in a wide variety of color, shape and style, stylish hats can be purchased to match almost any outfit, and you definitely cannot discount the fact that they can save you on a day when your hair looks less than its best.

Fedora HatStraw Hat

Although fashion is constantly changing, hats in one form or another seem to always be in style. There are many summer hats 2012 that would be worthwhile to add to your closet. This article will discuss various hats and their fashion accessories so you know the best way to diversify your wardrobe this season.

Straw Fedora HatFedora Hat

Women can embrace this variety of summer headwear. If you choose a fedora as one of your summer hats, you should consider wearing it with a pair of jeggings or skinny jeans. If you toss on a casual tee shirt and throw your hair in a loose bun, you will have the perfect asexual look. If you want to look slightly more womanly, you can braid your hair and allow the braid to poke out from beneath one of your stylish hats.

Wide Brimmed HatStraw Tribly Hat

If you really want to avoid excess sun exposure, you should consider beach hats. These wide brimmed hats are perfect for an afternoon at the beach, or they can be one of your fashion accessories for an evening on the town. Wear these hats with a flirtatious sun dress.

Beach HatBeach Hat

If you love denim or if you live in the West, do not forget the cowboy hat. This traditional style hat can be funky and festive so you should give it a try. Feel free to wear it to a rodeo, to a bar, or even to the beach.

Cowboy HatCowboy Hat

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