Summer Latest Makeup Trend(and How to Wear ‘Em)


Feel you need some inspiration this summer? Here are some makeup trends that will keep you looking dazzling and bright compared to the hot sun of July. Summer is just about to begin and so is the hottest beauty of the season. If you are the type that wants to keep abreast with the latest trends and be a step ahead, you are on the right course. Summer trends are supposed to be easy and at the same time give an effortless glow. Here is a combined list of steps for highlighting your looks as it will keep you admired and geared up for the sunny season ahead.

1. Watercolor Effect

This particular effect can perfectly be achieved with the use of series of stains which build color steadily, eventually allowing you control your glow. This is a pure glossy and effortless look that stays intact for the entire day. The desirable kiss-resistant and waterproof saturated hues’ lines, have been designed in a way that they can work double-duty. Hence,can be used on the cheeks and lips for a long wearing flush that consist of natural color.

2. Fresh Skin

Fresh Skin

A heavy concealer and perfect foundation should be left for winter. Summer is all about letting your skin breathe. It’s about looking radiant and moist. Your skin’s look is natural and glowing. Only apply a light concealer where necessary and warm the skin with a small amount of shimmery bronzer. Finally, always remember to moisturize and apply sun-screen.

3. Look-At-Me-Lashes

Spindly, thick, skyscraper lashes are now trending. Last year’s look was all about dramatic eyes and bare skin. Bigger lashes have set a different and unique statement. They give an impression of confidence, assertiveness and provides anenchanting counterpoint for the radiant skin.

4. Metallic Nail Polish

Nail Polish

For the past years, metallic have managed to make fashion statements. This trend has reached the nails. For a summer, look red is too focused, pastels are more of vanilla while dark is too chilly. However, vibrant metallic like gold and silver are now trending. With this type of nail polish, smudging doesn’t need a lot of urgency to fix, as the element of being undone makes it cool.

5. Rocker Eyeliner

The cat-wing and no-smudge-look, which looks all perfect, is not for this summer. What actually looks modern and trendy now is haphazard, messy, bold and smudged. It sounds crazy, but to be on point, you need to roll with unique shouting colors such as turquoise.

6. Pop-of-Red Lip

Pop-of-Red Lip

For a more feminine summer look, a bold lip color would do the trick. The perfect color being red, which will make you look fresh and pretty. Pink cheeks will balance well with bright lips. Apply long wearing lipstick, as its creamy and smooth texture is perfectly combined with a waterproof formula. Thus, making it rich in moisture for the purpose of ensuring the color lasts and retains freshness for a perfect finish.


With the aid of these pointers, you are definitely going to make an appearance during the summer. The mentioned makeup trends for summer will give you an effortless look that will definitely make you stand out and look your best. Observing this guide will not only make you look attractive and make a favorable first impression but also boost your confidence. Therefore, keeping yourself informed on the latest summer makeup trends will definitely guarantee that you are a step ahead.

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