Summer Nail Design Trends 2013


Are you worried how to make your nails look beautiful this summer? Here’s presenting some of the summer nail designs to create pleasant and happy looking nails. The best time to start everything like wedding, parties will be to apply the clean and shiny nail shades. The excellent looking nail designs concepts for 2013 are given below:

Yellow-colored, green, red, orange are all appropriate concepts to brighten your nails this summer. You can have sea side concept for your nails with the offset umbrella image, vessel, sun, etc.

Rose Summer Nail Art:

Rose Summer Nail

Are you preparing for wedding and getting stuck what design to use for nails? If so don’t worry the nails can look elegant and fantastic with the rose nail art.

Zigzag Black Nail designs:

Zigzag Black Nail

Create prefect nail design to make your vacation and party livelier and brighter. The white background to the zigzag black design will rock your nails in summer party. Paint the red border against the light, glittering background. Draw the rose designs with pink shade and make stem patterns using brown.

Candy Nail Art:

Candy Nail

The candy inspired nail designs this summer truly looks fab. Use the green, red, white colors to get this look. Lining it horizontally on thumb nails and making the strawberries resembles the candies. Isn’t it looking quite colorful and trendy?

Colorful Nail Designs:

Colorful Nail

Use a glittering transparent nail polish and border it with different colors. Use black, red, blue, white and yellow colors. At the end of these colors you can line the border with gold shimmer. Look how shiny and radiant your nails appear with this gorgeous designs!!

Cool Summer Nail Designs:

Cool Summer Nail

Use shimmering nail polish and make trendy designs with blue and black using fine brush. You can also use red to border your nails and make symbols & designs of your choice with black. This looks quite cool and rocks your nails in humid summer.

Rainbow Nail Arts:

Rainbow Nail

How fabulous and colorful the nails look with all those colors mashes up together! Mix different colors and make a different pattern to flaunt this summer.

Brighter Nail Designs:

Brighter Nail

Paint your nails with pink, add glitz using silver shade. Use black to make different patterns and get best manicured nails.

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