Sunscreen: Is it the Best Anti-Aging Product?


Nobody wants to age. That’s why anti-aging product stores are popular. While some products work well, some just make the condition worse. But the secret that most people don’t know is that sunscreen is the best anti-aging product in the world. When applied correctly, sunscreen will work better than all the anti-aging products out there. Follow the below steps when using sunscreen.

Step 1

Clean your skin then use toner and an antioxidant serum with vitamin C. Take a small amount of sunscreen and apply it to the neck area. Do not wear a bathrobe when applying sunscreen on your neck because it may interfere with the proper application on the sides of the neck.

Step 2

Use upward strokes when applying he sunscreen to the neck. Start in the front, and then work sideways to the sides of your neck. Continue all the way to the hairline at the back of your head to ensure that covering the whole area well.

Step 3

Apply a small amount of sunscreen to your chest area if you are going to put on V-neck clothing that may allow your chest exposed. Give it time to dry.

Step 4


Apply a small amount of the sunscreen to your fingertips then rub it together in your fingers. Apply the sunscreen on your face starting from the sides of the nose outwards to the ears. Then apply it to the chin, forehead and upper lip. Ensure you are very generous and thorough in your application extending it all the way up to the hairline. It is worth noting that it is best for you spread the sunscreen in your fingers first to ensure that you get and even application.

Step 5

Use any sunscreen left on your fingers and apply some of it to the tops of your ears and earlobes.

Step 6

You can now go ahead with makeup. It is preferable to use a mineral-based makeup that will offer additional sun protection. If your skin is oily or is prone to acne, look for lightweight formulas that do not have a greasy feel, so you can apply without worrying about clogging the pores or a breakout.

If you follow these tips and you still get a suntan or sunburn when outdoors, it’s most likely because you didn’t apply enough to the skin to fully provide the protection it needs. It may also be that you didn’t reapply sun protection throughout the day.


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