Sunset Hair: The Prettiest Hair Color Trend In Fashion


Thanks to social media, fashion trends can now transverse the globe like bush fire. A fashion trend will start in the USA and within days it will have become a hit even down in Africa. Social media has really helped those of us who always want to be up to date with the trending fashion trends. This is why we even keep up with the Kardashian’s just to get a glimpse of what we are missing and possibly get new tricks to spice up our looks. In the past few days, social media and in particular Instagram has gone cuckoo with photos of ladies rocking the sunset hair style. This style has gone viral with lots of people posting pictures of their breath taking sunset dyed hair. Here we tell you what this style- that has caused such- a ruckus is all about.

Watching the sunset has been for a long time a breath taking experience and also a romantic one. You probably even have a picture you took of the sun setting. That scene is usually extremely beautiful. Now, hairdressers have taken the sunset beauty a notch higher. They are now dyeing hair to make it look like sunset. Yes, you heard that right! You can have your hair looking like the sun setting in the desert or the tropics. And the results will be stunning, breathtaking and will awe every one you come across. Now let us enlighten you about this style.

1. Colors used

Usually, different sunsets have different manifestations in terms of appearance and color. One sunset may be all orange while another is a blend of pink and blue. The colors that are usually in sun sets include: blonde, purple, pink, red, blue and orange. This is why these colors will be used when giving you the sunset look.

Sunset Hair Color Used

2. Type of hair

Most times, fashion trends are usually for a certain type of people: be it size, age and even hair type for hair trends. This is however not true for the sunset hair. It fits all types and colors of hair. When it comes to coloring, the expert should first nude out your hair color to ensure it does not alter the color being applied. For instance if you are a red head, it may be absurd to directly apply the pink and blue color on your hair without any prior preparation. If this happens, the red color is likely to affect the blue and pink giving you a combination that is not purely what you bargained for. What we are saying is that you don’t have to worry about your hair color or type interfering with your hair dyeing: a professional will make sure you get the exact look you want.

3. Variety of Manifestations

Variety of manifestations

As much as we love being trendy; we all hate looking like clones. You honestly don’t want a look that ever Jenny, Grace and Mary have. We all want something unique: something that will make you standout. You may feel like the sunset hair will not allow you this uniqueness. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fact is that with the different colors, it is possible to get a unique color combination that will be different from all others you have seen. Again you may not be bold enough to rock blue, pink and red together like other people. The variety of colors will come in handy to ensure you can get a combination that captures your personality.

For instance for an outgoing person you can try the blue, blue and orange combination. From the roots to mid length the hair you can color your hair purple and blue in alternating patterns. Then the ends get a finishing in orange in red. This is obviously for a person who feels the own the world and not for the timid ones. There are a million ways in which you can combine these sun set colors to give you and exquisite look.

4. How to do it?

If you are one of those people who feel they can manage their own hair or a hair dresser hoping to start doing this for your customers: this is what you need to know.
First, during the application work from the roots and down towards the tips. Use a tint brush to apply color to different hair partitions. Secondly ensure that the color only covers the intended area and does not overrun. Now that you will be wearing gloves, ensure to clean then before apply the next color to avoid mixing the colors. This is because if the colors are mixed, the outcome may not be flattering or the least bit amusing.

This is a stunt that only skilled hands can pull off. Remember, this is not the normal hair dyeing but a work of art that should be done by an expert to avoid horrendous results. Coordinating the colors may confuse a layman and thus you would be better placed if you had an expert do it for you.


The sunset hair has not taken over with a storm for nothing: it is an undisputedly beautiful style. It is a style that can be trimmed to fit any person. So feel free to go ahead and make yourself a lovely sunset.


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