Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Through Tough Times


There is no surprise that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are the best of friends. They sit together at award shows and always talk highly about each other. Taylor Swift has gone through many ups and downs in relationships. You can see her relationship troubles through the lyrics of her songs. Now, she is going through one again plus her gal pal just had a recent break-up from pop sensation Justin Bieber. Time for a sleepover, don’t you think?

The Breakups

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Through TimesTaylor Swift and Selena Gomez are both undergoing recent splits. Last October 30, news broke out about Swift’s breakup with Conor Kennedy, a guy he has been dating for the past few months. Sources say that Swift was the one who broke it off because of her very busy schedule. However, the two are still open to rekindling the relationship once Swift has more free time on her hand.

Meanwhile, just two weeks after Swift’s split with Kennedy, Gomez broke up with Bieber. The two have been dating for almost two years. There is no exact reason yet but there are three possible causes. The first is their busy schedules which we highly doubt since they’ve been busy since two years ago. The second reason is a girl claiming that Bieber fathered her baby through a brief restroom encounter. Bieber denied these allegations but we don’t really know how it affected Gomez.

The last reason is Chanel Celaya, the girl in Bieber’s video “As Long As You Love Me”. They had a make-out session in the video and Gomez became very jealous with the time Bieber and Celaya spent together. Bieber was paying too much attention to her and to make matters worse, Gomez found text messages on Bieber’s phone that were flirty and sexual in nature. Bieber lied about it and that pushed Gomez to end it all.

Taylor and Selena Help Each Other Out

Swift is more emotionally stable right now after her break-up since it wasn’t a bad split after all. On the other hand, sources say that Gomez is really having a hard time. She feels betrayed and hurt. She lost her trust. Gomez gave Bieber a chance in a group date last November 16 but Gomez was found storming out of the place with Bieber chasing after her. He even chased her back to her home where she didn’t even open the security gates for him. Poor Bieber, you’ll never know what you lose until it’s gone.

Now, Taylor is being a great friend to Selena by being by her side and talking about the ended relationship. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have the same showbiz background so they’d understand each other more. Taylor said that when she and Selena talks, it’s not about career, projects or fashions. It is always about feelings, love, relationships and boys.


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