Best Tech Gift Ideas Under $25 for Your Loved Ones This Christmas


I don’t about you but, shopping for gifting is always a time-consuming ordeal for me. There’s a sweet spot you’re trying to hit, and it should satisfy your budget, practical use and the interests of the recipient all at the same time. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years: tech gifts always get a warm reception and they don’t have to be expensive at all.

So, if you still haven’t made up your mind about what to give a family member or a close friend, here are 10 tech ideas you should checkout — and you can get each for under US$ 25!

1. Phone or Tablet Case:

Phone or Tablet Case

This decade has been all about customization. People have been able to optimize the expression of their preferences, attitude and individuality like never before. Naturally, phones and tablets, which are arguably the best tech innovations to date, have been customized in so many ways. The easiest way to give these handhelds a personality and protect these at the same time is to simply change the casing.

2. Fisheye Phone Lens: For the family events documenter, give the gift of creativity. Change how he or she sees the world simply by attaching this gadget to the phone camera lens.

3. Powerbank:


To never lose touch of the most important men and women in your life no matter what, they must never run out of batt. A powerbank is the best gift for the geek or tech lover in your life. Now, they can keep chatting, browsing and frequenting their social media accounts wherever they are — and never have to worry about running out of batt.

4. Telephoto Phone Lens: Expand the photography capabilities and horizon of your loved one’s phone camera by introducing this lens.

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5. Earphones:

Earphones Gift

For the music lover in your life, it may be time to upgrade those earphones to give that sound a more ‘boom, boom pow’!

6. Bluetooth Anti-lost GPS Tracker Tag: For forgetful family members or, simply securing gadgets and small children, this is a practical gift you can give.

7. VR Device:

VR Device

For the gamer, up the thrill of gaming by giving him or her the ultimate VR experience. Now, if you’re floor level on the budget, you can always follow DIY ideas for making a VR device.

8. Mouse: For those who type up for a living, a mouse can never run out of uses. It simply makes computing and browsing easier.

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9. Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth Speaker

Let your loved ones freely share their passion for music by playing it loud and proud.

10. Foldable External keyboard: Add versatility to a tablet yet still keep it portable by using this external keyboard.


Tech gadgets don’t have to be expensive, only practical. After all, technology turns over so fast that the gadgets we see now will probably last only until this season or next.

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