Teen Choice Awards 2016: Inspire the Fashion sense with These 5 standouts


The Teen Choice Awards started giving out awards to the teens’ most admired artists, celebrities and other public figures since 1999. The award goes live on Fox every year since then and has since given out prestigious titles to some of the biggest celebrities the world of teenagers has ever known and admired, including Britney Spears, 98 Degrees, The Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and One Direction, among so many others.

Other than so many messages inspiring teens, the Teen Choice Awards also host some of the most fashionable, most stylish teenage idols, the next ones in-line, usually, to become Hollywood’s A-Listers.

5 Fashion showstoppers at the Teens Choice Awards 2016

In this year’s awards, the following must-have styles have been well noted:

1. Ankle-length Denim trench Coat

1. Ankle-length Denim trench Coat

No less than Girl Meets World’s very own, Rowan Blanchard (a.k.a. Riley Matthews) cleverly wore her Miu Miu topper over a white, tailored dress.

2. Paper bag-waisted crop trousers. In light brown, to be exact. WWE Star, Eva Marie, was seen rockin’ the awards in this outfit, topped with a black, low-neckline blouse that showed off her curvaceous body.

3. Jumpsuit pants and Jumpsuit shorts

3. Jumpsuit pants and Jumpsuit shorts

Another stylish WWE star, Nikki Bella, wore jumpsuit pants in cream that made her look so luxuriously ‘wow’. Maddie Ziegler, the seriously popular choice, who is famous for being a dancer, actress and model, and soon, also an author, wore a Christian Siriano jumpsuit shorts in bright pink and peach. Former Disney actress, Laura Marano, also wore jumpsuti shorts in a bright red, laced garment. Both Maddie and Laura paired their outfits with ankle strapped sandals.

4. Floral tube dress with long front slit. MTV’s Happyland actress, Kat McNamara, was all radiant and very attractive in this Christian Siriano outfit that had bright pink flowers printed all over it. It showed off her skin with a pinkish glow. She paired it with a ribboned sandals tied to the ankles.

5. Meshed, cropped top in black with high-waisted slacks

Meshed, cropped top in black with high-waisted slacks

Even Jessica Alba’s stylish outfit was no match for the glowing skin she wore during the awards. So, ehem, back to the clothes…It was a uniquely styled cropped top, long sleeves with curved cut outs on the hems, and a meshed shoulder and neck lines. She wore it with black, pointed mules.

What was clear at the awards was that the outfit was the central focus but, it was also observed how so many others dressed well but, er, inappropriate at times. Sometimes, the dress was fine but the shoe pairing were a no-no. There were also a couple of really posh outfits but were a flop given the theme of the occasion.

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The 5 outfits above were worn in the right place, at the right time. So, next time, when you need to do some dressing up, think about where you’re going and spend some time getting everything together, including your hair and your makeup. At the end of it all, you should feel comfortable wearing your own style.

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