Teenage Obesity on Rise: Time to Take Action


Teenage obesity is one of the most common problems today. Basically, it is because of the lifestyle today which is composed mainly of eating fast and processed food to save time on meal preparation. The result is teenage obesity on rise resulting to problems later on in life such as depression, fatigue, heart disease and other health problems. Another cause is the sedentary lifestyle today relying on technology like cars, elevators and escalators that minimize physical activities.

A couple of decades ago when teenage obesity rates were very low, the diet was composed mostly of unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables. Now, fast food and other processed food are very abundant. Because of the fast-paced lifestyle today, people turn to this kind of food to save time. The problem is that these foods are very high in calories aside from having a high amount of preservatives and additives that are very unhealthy.

Teenage Obesity Rate

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The problem is now very serious with first-world countries like the United States having a teenage obesity rate of around 20%. In fact, the teenage obesity rate in the United States more than tripled in the last 20 years. On the other hand, even less developed countries experience teenage obesity on rise. According to studies, the main culprit is overeating. Another main cause of this problem is the abundance of fast food and processed food which are usually high in calories and very low in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The Solution

In this case, prevention is still best. This means that the solution is for parents to train their children early on to eat the right amount of food. According to studies, children who are taught early to eat healthy have a high tendency not to become overweight during adulthood. Exercise is also a very important part of the solution to teenage obesity on rise. Parents should encourage their children to indulge in physical activities like outdoor sports instead of playing computer games or surfing the internet several hours a day.

Nutritional Education

Some schools in the United States and other developed countries now include nutrition in their curriculum in order to combat teenage obesity on rise. This is a good idea since it teaches how to have a healthy diet. Most teenagers have no idea about calories, nutrients, vitamins, etc. so they tend to gain weight after high school. This is because metabolism slows down and becomes normalized during a person’s late teens. Most teenagers continue to eat whatever they want, which results to rapid weight gain and obesity.


In conclusion, teenage obesity is a very serious problem. Because teenage obesity rate all over the world is rapidly increasing, we need to take action now. In fact, most developed countries already have special government programs that aim to target this problem. Basically, the best solution is knowledge. This can be achieved through education at home or in school. Teenagers need to learn about proper nutrition and healthy eating in order to prevent weight gain and obesity.

Teenage Obesity on Rise


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