11 Charming Thanksgiving Eye Makeup Looks To Try This Holiday


Planning for thanksgiving day family gatherings and feasts can be stressing. Of course, when you’re meeting people you only see a few times in a year, you would like to leave a good impression.

What better way to do this than blow them away and knock their socks off than by rocking a phenomenal Thanksgiving eye makeup?

The makeup pros have spoken and given us these eleven thanksgiving festival looks to make sure you won’t be easily forgotten.

11 Thanksgiving eye makeup you should try:

Festival makeup looks depend so much on eye makeup. To help you choose and achieve your ideal look for this time, here are eleven thanksgiving makeup ideas and looks.

1. Warm Matte Eyes

To create this first thanksgiving day-inspired eye makeup, use all matte eyeshadows in warm and bold colors like orange and red mixed with some brown to really embody fall colors. Note this: the creator actually used a red lipstick as the base, and I love the result! Who would have thought, right?

One of the best eye makeup tips for eye shape is to do the crease first so that when you put the lid colors on, they won’t melt up into the crease. Check her video tutorial here:

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2. Cranberry Eyes

Thanksgiving Cranberry Eye Makeup

This eye makeup created featured in Popsugar will not only remind you of Thanksgiving dinner and the classic cranberry sauce but also gives your eyes a kind of candlelit glow and some pop.

Red around the eyes may seem intimidating, so you can try a berry or maroon-toned eyeshadow instead. Pair this look perfectly with a neutral lip color and blush to give you a fab look without being overly done for a family dinner.

3. Soft Metallic Smokey Eye

Thanksgiving Soft Metallic Smokey Eye Makeup

Influenced by the Thanksgiving table and some of the best thanksgiving recipes, this eye makeup look uses colors that represent cranberry sauce, browns of flannel and hot cocoa, and golden sweet potatoes and fall leaves.

For the look, use a gold, brown, reddish brown, and bronze or rusty colored eyeshadow to create a smokey eye. Some thanksgiving eye makeup tips: pair it with a toned down cherry red lip stain so you can enjoy a feast without having to touch up your lipstick and use a clean brush to blend out edges of your eye makeup. You can also clean your brush with a towel containing Natural Alternatives to Eye Makeup Removers in between colors.

4. Duo Chrome Cut Crease Rose Gold Smokey Eyes

Look like an absolute pro with this eye makeup that uses the Hooda Beauty Rose Gold Palette and a makeup trick to create a beautiful illusion. It’s a nice fierce and girly look to get a wow on Thanksgiving and any other occasion.

To create this look, start off by applying the first transition color eyeshadow in the crease to define it and serve as a base for darker colors later. Then, apply concealer in order to cut the crease going from the inner to the outer eye corner similar to how the 60s Twiggy Eyelashes Makeup is achieved. Finish it off with other brighter shades and a winged liner. This is definitely one of the best Fall date night ideas!

5. Red Wine Eye Makeup

Thanksgiving Red Wine Eye Makeup

This look mixes a deep plum or purple and red eyeshadow color and highlighted it beautifully with a hint of gold and some bronze on the lower lash using Tight-lining And Waterline Techniques. The final look is bold, glam, and very sophisticated. Pair it with a similar fall thanksgiving nail art to complete the look.

Pro tip and one Eye Makeup Secrets Of The Stars: if you’re a brunette, this will look especially good on you!

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6. Thanksgiving Bright Glow

Thanksgiving Bright Glow Eye Makeup

This next idea will surely make you shine on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Go for the ultimate glow and shine brighter than anyone else by adding a lighter, silvery or goldish shadow over your inner eyelids. Doing this instantly brightens up the eyes and makes you look pretty and wide awake even after eating all that turkey and stuffing. Also, you won’t even have to look for a quick eye makeup removal method as this doubles as a great date night look for later.

7. Bold And Fun Fall Glitter Eye Makeup This Holiday

Thanksgiving Bold And Fun Fall Glitter Eye Makeup This Holiday Eye Makeup

Don’t settle for the usual, boring Thanksgiving eye makeup look and try dabbing on some reddish or orange glitter for a slight touch of fun that says you’re reserved enough for a family gathering but are also ready to party. Top it off with a bold liquid cat eye, and you’ll surely turn heads at any gathering with this sultry yet classy and elegant eye makeup.

8. Elegant Emerald Eyes

Thanksgiving Elegant Emerald Eye Makeup

Green is a very underrated eye makeup color that is usually reserved for Halloween looks and costumes. However, since Thanksgiving and Halloween are just a few days apart, it’s probably time to try it out for another occasion.

Stand out from the environment of warm autumn colors of orange and red hues by sporting on an emerald green eyeshadow paired with brown shades on the crease to create more dimension and a bit of contrast plus a little shimmer at the center. Finish the look with a clean, bold cat eye and full eyelashes for good measure.

9. Mixed Fall Tones

Thanksgiving Mixed Fall Tones Eye Makeup

Can’t decide on which fall tones and colors to wear on your eyes? Another way to stand out from the crowd is to wear everything instead of just a handful of them. However, this look requires good blending skills and judgment on which colors should go side by side.

Personally, I think the orange crease and burgundy base is not my first go-to pairing, but I’m surprised at how great it actually turned out. A dot of bright gold on the inner eyes also completes the look and makes it absolutely stunning. Try on some liquid eyeliners for beginners to give it an extra bold touch.

10. Subdued Gold

Thanksgiving Subdued Gold Eye Makeup

Gold is a color that looks great and very appealing on most if not all skin tones. It’s also easy to work with for a subtle makeup look. Use it as highlights or smoke it out with brown shades and reds or oranges to soften it a little bit for a bright yet classy look. You can also use this festive, bright, and stunning look for a Christmas or New Year’s party.

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11. Pearly Orange

Thanksgiving Pearly Orange Eye Makeup

Shine and bold colors are not only ideal for thanksgiving gifts ideas but for makeup as well. To take a usual orange eye makeup to the next level, softly dab and blend a little silvery or pearly eyeshadow in the middle of your lids and inner eye corners. Not only will this grab everyone’s attention towards your eyes, but will also make everyone think of you as a professional makeup artist!


These eleven Thanksgiving eye makeup looks are definitely worth a shot! I hope you also learned something new from the tips included.

Try a few of these ideas beforehand so you can decide on which look you should go for. You could also mix and match techniques and colors or add your own personal touch. Pair them with your best thanksgiving outfits, and you’re good to go!

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