The Best Street Chic Styles

The best street chic styleschic styles

New York fashion week has picked out the best street chic style from head to toe, and here are the best style for you .These style not are from the catwalk but are scour straight from the city.

street chic stylesnew  chic styles

Whether you dressed in a Zara top and pants with Karen Walker sunglasses or Escada vest and H&M top and skirt you will simply look the best. Don’t forget to match the your shoes with same chic style.

The best street chic stylesThe best street chic styles

Stawberry and green are the considered the most favoriate chic colors (ussually paried with high heels ) add these color wardrobe, to and gamalourize your street chic style .

street chic stylesnew fashion styles

Chic style is never completed without mentioning the jacket and short skirts, have a look to these the new trendy jackets and the cool skirts, these are the most stunning jackets of this fall .

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