The Best Vitamins to Treat Hair Loss


Vitamins to Treat Hair LossThere are many available treatments for hair loss today. Most of these treatments only have little or no effect but some are very effective with immediate results. What most people don’t know is that another option is to use vitamins to treat hair loss. This natural remedy works in most cases where the hair loss is connected to a vitamin deficiency of some kind. Most experts recommend trying natural treatments such as this before turning to chemicals and drugs that can have adverse effects.

The Vitamins for Hair Loss

Vitamin B-complex is very important in the health of skin and hair. It is one of the best vitamins to treat hair loss. It promotes the production of biotin which helps in the production of keratin that keeps the hair from falling out. Some of the best sources are whole grains, egg yolk, milk, liver and brewer’s yeast.

Niacin or B3 helps in the proper circulation in the scalp. This makes the hair healthy and also prevents hair from falling out. Just be careful not to overdo it since intake of more than 25 mg in a day can cause “niacin flush”, which is a temporary heat sensation due to the dilation of blood cells. The best food sources of niacin are wheat germ, fish, turkey, chicken and meat.

Vitamin C is important in having healthy hair and skin. It can be found in oranges, kiwi, strawberries, green vegetables and other citrus fruits. Aside from its antioxidant properties, it also helps prevent hair loss by making the hair strong.

Vitamin A is one of the best vitamins to treat hair loss. It makes the hair healthy and helps in the production of sebum in the scalp. The best food sources are meat, milk, eggs, carrots, peaches and fish oils.

Vitamin E is proven to help improve circulation aside from its numerous benefits to the skin. Improved circulation makes the hair healthier and prevents the hair from falling out. Some of the best food sources include wheat germ oil, soy beans, nuts, dried beans and raw seeds. The recommended dose should be followed strictly since it is known to prevent blood clotting which can be dangerous to some people.

In conclusion, vitamins are essential for overall health. Vitamin deficiencies can have negative effects like hair loss and illness. This is why it is important to eat healthy and take a good multivitamin supplement if necessary. Some vitamins to treat hair loss are now available in supplement form.


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