Finally! The Complete Guide to Remove Our Eye Makeup


It can be tedious to remove eye makeup most especially when you’re too tired and ready to hit the sheets. Trust, however, that that extra effort you exert to make sure all of the makeup in your face is wiped off before you sleep can do tons of benefits to keep your skin young and supple for longer.

So, free up your skin of makeup and the oil and dirt that got caught in it throughout the day!

How to Remove Eye Makeup?

Makeup is one thing to wipe off of your face and it can be tough to remove. Eye makeup, however, can be tougher.

That said, you can’t simply remove eye makeup with ordinary soap and water, neither would just about any makeup remover. You’ve probably been wiping off eye makeup with lots of deep, rubbing action which is the worst way to treat skin around your eyes. The thing is, facial skin on and around your eyes tend to be very thin — the thinnest in fact for any other part of your face and your body. Skin around the eyes deserves a lot more TLC— something you should keep in mind when removing eye makeup.

Below is a step-by-step guide to more effectively and more efficiently remove eye makeup.

Remove Eye Makeup

1. Reach for an eye makeup remover, pour some into your index fingers and massage on your eyes and eyelids. Apply on your eyes and areas around it using circular motion. Do this for about a few seconds so that your eye makeup is prepped to come off easily. Take note to use a makeup remover that has been specially formulated for use on your eyes. The best variety is what is called as the dual phase eye makeup remover which can be as tough to make up as an oil-based makeup remover but which also can be as gentle as pH-balanced cleansing water. Using the proper eye makeup remover not only ensures you don’t get a sting but also, that you are using a formulation that is gentle enough on the thin skin surrounding your eyes.

2. Next, reach for your cotton pads. Very gently wipe off eye makeup using a downward motion. Make sure you take off all your eye mascara too. Wipe off the top of your lids down to the tip of your eyelashes. Then, wipe the underside of your eyelashes too.

3. If you notice any more eye makeup residue clinging to your eyelids, eyelashes and skin around your eyes, rub in some more eye makeup remover using the same circular motion. Wipe off again using your cotton pads.

4. Once your face, eye area included, are free of makeup, head to the sink and wash your face with water and soap-free cleanser. For sensitive skin types as well as those with acne- and irritation-prone skin, the best soap-free facial cleansers are the ones that contain salicylic acid and benzoic acid. Washing your face eliminates makeup residue, dirt and oil, including oil from your makeup remover. This added step unclogs your pores so that your skin can carry on with its natural skin repair and rejuvenation processes, and ensures that your skin can maximise the benefits of your toner and moisturizer.

5. Tone and moisturize. Leave your pores squeaky clean and tight by applying toner. Let your skin dry for a while before applying your night moisturiser.

In cases when you are simply too exhausted to have to go through all five steps above, you can always count on makeup remover wipes to do the job. Makeup remover wipes can be just as tough on ridding your skin of makeup, even when you have waterproof makeup on.

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Removing Makeup for Hypersensitive Skin

If you have overly sensitive skin and are taking much precaution on products you put on your face, including eye makeup removers, your best alternative remains to be the natural alternatives – yes! You can achieve the same results using no less than a natural eye makeup remover.

What options are available? Read on.

1. Honey and olive oil

Olive Oil

Simply create a mixture by combining these two ingredients in a bowl. Use both as facial and eye makeup remover at the same time. Apply as a mask all over your face in circular motion. Leave on for about 30 seconds. Then, wipe downward to take off makeup. You may want to follow up with tomato juice to clean your pores of oil from the mixture.

2. Steam, water and soap-free cleanser
If you have time to spare, use a steamer or boil water in a pot. Let the steam heat and moisten your face. Once your face is damp, reach for your cotton pad and wipe off makeup. When done, wash your face with water and soap-free cleanser. Make sure to follow up with a natural-based toner to close your pores, as steaming opens them up. Follow through with a natural moisturiser.


Never sleep with makeup on. Always make time to clear your skin. It pays to help prevent damage caused by sleeping with makeup on now than have to deal with skin problems and premature signs of ageing later. Make your choice.


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