The Greatest Thing : Cher Gaga duet to hit by September!


Lady Gaga and Cher’s long awaited duet “The Greatest Thing” will be released around September, according to Cher’s tweet through Entertainment Weekly last week. The track is anticipated to become the lead single of Cher’s up coming album. No particular release date or title has been announced, although Cher has in the past described the collection comprising “a little bit more real instruments, like guitars and stuff like that” and then “WAY DANCE.” Gaga and Cher’s friendship began when Cher handed Gaga, Video of the Year trophy at last year’s VMA Awards.

gaga in meat dress receiving award from chergaga in meat dress receiving award from cher

This song is penned by Gaga, “The Greatest Thing” was a song she had been holding onto for some time. “I wrote that song a long time ago, and I’ve never put it on one of my own albums for, really, no particular reason,” Gaga told us. “I always write these concept records, and it just didn’t fit in. But it’s always been, like, this big, massive, beautiful hit record and everyone always says, ‘Why don’t you put that on your album?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, it just doesn’t fit with everything else.’ “The song was, however, a good fit for Cher’s new record and it will reportedly be the lead single off of her yet-untitled 26th studio album. “Cher heard the song and loved it and wanted to do it together,” Gaga added. “And I said, ‘F**** yeah, it’s Cher!’ “

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