The Living Proof for Jennifer Aniston’s Beautiful Hair


43 year-old Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is finally revealing to the world the secret to her beautiful hair. After the famous Rachel haircut she sported in the 90’s which several women struggled to copy, Jennifer is now on a new road to hair endorsement. It doesn’t stop there because she’s not just a face of this new hair care line, she will also be financially and creatively invested in these new set of hair products.

All About the Living Proof

The Living Proof for Jennifer Aniston’s Beautiful Hair

After using the Living Proof in a shoot once with heavy humidity, Jennifer was instantly amazed with the product. Unlike the several marketing strategies beauty products make to gain an audience, Living Proof measured up to Jennifer’s expectations and more. With no doubts and reservations, Jennifer took a route so different from her acting career.

Jennifer Aniston also said that her hair has been exposed to different elements over the years. It’s been curled, blown dry, straightened and colored. In short, her hair has been under a lot of pressure. But now she discovered a product that fits her hair’s needs and is excited to share her secret to the rest of the world.

It started with Dr. Bob Langer, an MIT professor, which later on gathered other investors even from outside the beauty business. According to the company’s website, their products are dubbed as ‘proof in a bottle.’ They wanted to create a whole new line for hair care that will address hair needs, especially for women. Their anti-frizz formulation has garnered several positive reviews from their users. A new face and a celebrity at that will definitely make the product more famous.

The products feature straight and hold, prime, and restore categories.

Jennifer’s Investment

Jennifer Aniston’s belief of this company must be so strong as to go as far as investing in it. Most celebrities would have settled for just endorsing it. However, Jen might see it wouldn’t give that much justice to her faith in the product. She is going as far investing in it financially. Jen will become a co-owner and a major shareholder. She will also be involved into the products’ packaging, design and product development.

Jill Beraud, Living Proof’s CEO is amazed by the unusual relationship they have with Jennifer Aniston. After all, the actress is probably one of the most-sought after hair product endorser in the Hollywood, but it is only now that she said yes for an endorsement. However, she will not only be endorsing, she will also put a great deal of money, effort, brains and belief into the company.

The world is as excited as Jennifer to see how the Living Proof works. It will be available in the, US, Australia, UK and New Zealand.


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