The Menopause and Insomnia Link: Manifestations and Disadvantages


A lot of people know that menopause causes different changes in a woman’s body. There is the hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, dizziness, loss of balance at times, headaches that increase and decrease, body pains specifically in the joints, feeling of dread, and trouble in sleeping. Yes, you heard that right, trouble in sleeping.

The Menopause and Insomnia Link

Many women do not know that there is a menopause and insomnia link. And according to studies, insomnia shows up before the actual menopause or the so called perimenopause phase. This is commonly caused by hormonal imbalance present during this phase.

Experts used to believe that the menopause and insomnia link is caused by hot flashes and night sweat which of course makes it uncomfortable to sleep. But recent study shows that it is because of the drop of estrogen level in the blood which causes the decrease in the serotonin level in the brain. Serotonin regulates the mood, appetite and of course, sleep.

Manifestations of the Menopause and Insomnia Link

If you are experiencing one or some of the following, then you might have insomnia:

  1. Having a hard time falling asleep
  2. Feeling tired after sleep (waking up)
  3. Lacking of straight sleep or having to wake up a lot of times but gets hard to get back to sleep
  4. Waking up too early.

If you have these, then you might want to consult your doctor to get some tips on how to fix this because for a menopausal woman, sleep is very important. Here are some disadvantages to the menopause and insomnia link:

1. It will be hard to concentrate.

Because of the lack of sleep, concentrating will be extremely difficult since the brain has not had any rest. Therefore, it will be hard for you to handle stressful situations. Your children are fighting, you need to pay the bills, your car just broke down. How do you handle these things when you have not had any rest? It will also be hard to keep your emotions in control. There might be breakdowns or depression.

2. It can affect relationships.

It will be hard to keep your emotions in control so you might have episodes of losing it. You will be moody during menopause, but you will be more moody when you lack sleep. Being extra sensitive can cause a gap between you and your spouse, your children, or even friends. A little mistake caused by your children can cause you to snap and scream; something that your spouse forgot to do can cause you to feel bad; or the simple things that your friends forget to do such as call you or invite you out can also cause a gap.

3. Weak Body.

Sleep is important. It is important for children growing up, but it is as important for women growing old. Especially for those who are going through the menopausal stage. Since there are a lot of changes in a woman’s body during this time, it is important for you to rest and get all the sleep you can so your body will have the strength to cope with such changes. No sleep equals weak body.