The Most Common Hair Color Mistakes


Most Common Hair Color MistakesColoring the hair is very popular nowadays. This isn’t just for people trying to hide graying hair but also for those who want to achieve a different look. Unfortunately, this process is very risky and can have negative effects on a person’s hair especially if done incorrectly. This is why it is always best to have it done by a professional. This will not only prevent hair color mistakes but it will also make you look best.

There are three main kinds of hair dye: Permanent, long-lasting and semi-permanent. Most of the do-it-yourself home kits available are long-lasting or semi-permanent dyes. Long-lasting hair dyes remain after more than 20 washes while semi-permanent hair dyes only last around 5 to 10 washes before fading.

Common Hair Color Mistakes

Going permanent immediately

Some people impulsively decide to change hair color and immediately go the salon and choose a color. This is one of the major hair color mistakes that people commit. It is advisable to try the color with semi-permanent coloring first so that it can be changed easily if it doesn’t work out. You will never really know if the color fits you until you see it on your hair. Permanent hair coloring can still be changed but the process is complicated and very costly. It can also cause considerable damage to the hair.

Applying Dye to Dirty and Tangled Hair
In order to have the best hair coloring results that will last longer, deep conditioning three to four weeks before is advisable. Before applying the dye, the hair should be reasonably clean. Remember that the hair should be a little damp when the dye is applied.

Not Checking for Allergic Reactions
To avoid adverse reactions, read carefully the label and don’t forget to skin test in order to check for allergic reactions. Some hair dyes can cause hair loss, irritation and other allergic reactions to some people.

Testing on a Strand First
This is probably the most common among hair color mistakes. Most people who do it themselves expect to have the exact shade as the picture of the model on the box. To check if you have the right color, do some strand testing before applying the dye to all of your hair.

The process is not as simple as you may think, proper color selection is important in order to blend with the original hair and eyebrow color. Selecting the hair color is also important in order to enhance a person’s features and avoid looking tacky. Avoiding these common hair color mistakes will keep you away from awful beauty disaster.


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