The New Design of Paper lashes


People, who have used mascara for decades, often look for new ways to enhance their eyes. There are a lot of products created as extra lashes people can use to extend their own lashes or make them look fuller.

Design of Paper lashesDesign of Paper lashes

Black mascara is often used to create thick long eyelashes, which can be enhanced by using several layers. Unfortunately, this can leave a caked look which is not always attractive. Some new products have emerged on the market, including items from China. The paper lashes are different from the decorative lashes, which often used tiny rhinestones or glitter to accent them. The Chinese eyelashes were developed based on the ancient art of cutting paper into fine objects.

Paper lashesPaper lashes

The Oriental culture is becoming known for their cutting edge styles in fashion and make-up. The latest accessories in lashes can appear strange to the western culture, but they are becoming all the rage among young adults in Japan and China.

new trend of eyelashesnew trend of eyelashes

Surprising the paper items stay in place even when batting the eyes repeatedly. Traditional products would often become unattached making the lash separate from one corner or fall off completely. The various designs can add a unique touch to anyone’s outfit and are particularly good to wear out to the clubs. Their staying power will let young people dance the night away without fear of losing an eyelash.


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