The Pros and Cons of Using a Lip Plumping Product


In the past, when you wanted to make your lips appear fuller, you had to have the hand of a magician. Using clever makeup application, you could give the illusion of having fuller lips. Unfortunately, that illusion would quickly dissolve the moment you removed your cosmetics. Additionally, it would get harder and harder to recreate that illusion as you aged. Today, however, there is a lip plumping product to suit just about every preference and lifestyle. These products turn the illusion into a reality using a variety of methods. If you are thinking about using a lip plumping product, here are a few pros and cons you should consider.

The main benefit to using a lip plumping product, of course, is that they actually work. You can achieve fuller, smoother, and lusher lips using a lip plumping product. There are so many available on the market, that you have a good pool to choose from. The most common ones, lip plumping glosses and lipsticks, are easy to use. You simply apply them directly to the lips and experience the results. Other options can permanently increase the size of your lips and no one would know that you are using a lip plumping product to do so.

The main disadvantage to using a lip plumping product is the longevity of results. All of the lipsticks, lip glosses, creams, balms, and serums only offer temporary results. You must use the product on a consistent basis in order to maintain the results. This type of lip plumping product is good for people who are not married to the idea of having bigger lips all of the time. For those who are, lip injections and lip implants offer a more long-term solution than a regular lip plumping product. However, it can be expensive to get these procedures done and your insurance company won’t pay for them since they are considered elective medical procedures.

Another disadvantage to using a lip plumping product is the increased chance of injury to the lips. Even an innocuous lip plumping product like lip gloss can cause uncomfortable stinging or tingling in the lips as the active ingredients takes effect. A mechanical lip plumping product like a lip massager or lip vacuum can cause bruising or damage nerves if used incorrectly. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that these products are effective. Before using any lip plumping product, do your research to make sure you understand all that is involved with its use.


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