The Remedial Way to Treat Dandruff and Hair Problem


Dandruff is a problem that is associated with hair problems. Dandruff weakens the hairs and also makes them to fall. It is makes the scalp scratchy and causes irritation. Some people believe that it is a type of disease but for many it is the outcome of lose and dead skin scales that they define as dandruff.

Dandruff is said to be the overproduction of skin dead cells of scalp. When the scalp dead cells tend to shed in large amount then it gives rise to dandruff formation. The appearance of flaky bits formation of dead cells are said to be dandruff. It has learnt that it takes nearly 20-21 days to cover up the vacancies of shed cells of the scalp. This overall process is not visible but along with dandruff these cells reach up scalp in clumps that gives a flaky white appearance to dandruff.

Some of the beneficial ways to treat dandruff are as follows:

Using best anti-dandruff shampoo: Choose good anti-dandruff shampoo preferably those containing coal tar, salicylic acid, pyrithione zinc, and sulfur or selenium sulfide. These ingredients are found to be effective in eliminating dandruff. Each individual component helps to reduce dandruff in its own way.

The working of these components is as follows:

Salicylic acid: The salicylic acid helps in exuviating dead cells prior to their clump formation.

Tar: Tar used in shampoo retard cell production.

The shampoo containing both of these ingredients serves as best anti-fungal components and assists in invading against yeast microbes that stimulates dandruff.

Pyrithione zinc and selenium sulfide: These are capable of retarding cell turnover.

Sulfur: sulfur treats dandruff by giving slight irritation so as to just shed of the flakes.

There are certain shampoos that contain multiple ingredients but you have to decide that which one is effective and suit you.

While applying shampoo just see that shampoo properly settle on your scalp and let it remain there for some time and then wash it thoroughly.

There are different therapies and methods that can reduce different cause of dandruff formation


It deals with the natural ways to cure hair problem. Some simple and natural means to prevent dandruff formation can work much better. The natural ingredient yogurt has anti-dandruff properties as well it serves as good conditioner. Therefore apply it gently on your scalp and rinse it with natural regular if required. For rinsing you can also use a mixture containing extract of thyme, and sage with vinegar (2 teaspoon) in it can also be added and used as good rinsing fluid.

Expert’s advice: experts will advice you healthy diet as deficiency of certain proteins and mineral are also one of the causes behind dandruff formation. Healthy diet including fresh and green fruits vegetables, wheat germ, vegetable oils and high-protein food etc should be involved in healthy diet. Excess of sugar, starch products, fatty foods and alcohol should be strictly avoided to keep dandruff away.


Homeopathy also has lots to do in reducing dandruff. It has effective properties in bringing down the dandruff formation. Some of the prominent homeopathy solutions are sepia, arsenicum, mezereum, fluoric, oleander and nartrum mur.

Herbal treatment

A much known solution for dandruff eradication suggested by South African including fresh roots of wild scabious which a well is known veld flower found in midsummer is taken in boiling water mixed with borax. Use it on your scalp and apply it by massaging gently and then rinse properly to remove all the applied matter see here for more remedies for dandruff.


This includes the treatment with tea tree oil applying on scalp and hairs, oral intake of selenium shampoo and vitamin A.

However these solutions are effective in treating dandruff formation.


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