The Top 11 Qualities of the Perfect Woman


The perfect woman is advertised everywhere. She’s smart, she’s sexy, and looks good at any age. The perfect woman is so beautiful, in fact, it’s impossible to cop her looks. It’s as if Photoshop does her makeup instead of real, actual hands. To get her look, women go through so much hard work (aka surgery) and spend so much money that they almost forget that the perfect woman is not only gorgeous but smart as well. In their quest for perfection, many women everywhere have forgotten that they need to brush up on other skills as well.

The Top 11 Qualities of the Perfect WomanThis is the reason why we’ve compiled a list of all the things you need to do in order to achieve that standards (or closest to it). After all, when you look and feel gorgeous already, you can forget the rest of these “standards of perfect beauty” and go on living without any worries about your face, legs, skin, et cetera. This is the secret that most seemingly perfect women have they don’t think much about their flaws! So read on to learn about 11 qualities of the perfect woman and acquire that much needed x factor.

  • Perfect Skin. The number 11 on our list of 11 qualities of the perfect woman is that she has to have perfect skin. Whatever your skin tone is, if you want to look beautiful, you need to have beautiful skin. A smooth, wrinkle-free base is going to be your best asset and you don’t have to shell out an awful lot of money on makeup if you have beautiful skin to begin with.
  • Gorgeous Eyes. The perfect woman doesn’t only have a smooth skin; she has to have clear eyes to match her skin. And clear eyes don’t matter if there are under eye circles to begin with. Eye bags are a big no-no for women (and men!) who want to look young and radiant. Even women in their 20s look old if they have eye bags underneath their eyes.
  • Non-sagging Breast. Admit it, sagging breasts will always equal to old age!
  • Cellulite-free Skin. Come summer season, cellulite becomes the enemy thanks to body-baring bikinis. So cellulite is a big no-no!
  • Toned, Svelte Body.
  • An Inner Glow. And this high energy and cheery aura shines through skin.
  • A Skin That’s Not Damaged by the Sun.
  • Shiny Hair. The top 4 on our list of 11 qualities of the perfect woman is shiny, bouncy hair. Regardless of your hair’s thickness or length, or if it’s straight or curly or simply wavy, it’s got to be shiny and dandruff-free!
  • A Smooth and Plump Pout. Dry lips are not attractive in the slightest bit.
  • A Symmetrical Face. According to science, beauty comes down to having the perfect symmetrical face. And last but not the least in our list is that you have to own what you got!

What Now?

  • Facial Creams! Our list is seemingly hard to achieve but all of those things can be achieved by investing in a top-notch diet and stress-free lifestyle. If you’re so stressed already, make time for a massage at least once a month or go to an acupuncturist to balance your qi. Remember, if you want to achieve a youthful glow, investing in good quality supplements and facial creams is also a key!

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