Know the Secrets of Happy Couples: 3 Things Happy Couples Do Every Day


Is there really a formula for happy couples relationships to last and render each party happy and satisfied at the same time? Perhaps not but, several studies have been done to try to find out what may be the common denominator happy marriages and satisfying relationships.

Here are the top 3 determinants that make for a happy couple which you should do everyday:

1. Communicate:

Communicate Way

Go beyond talking about the weather or how your partner’s day went down. Really listen and don’t tune out. Faking listening is tantamount to cheating on your partner. People change everyday, and if you fail to get to know your partner everyday then, that is a recipe for future misunderstandings, big or small, that eventually lead to lonely relationships.

According to a study conducted at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, couples need to learn when to speak and when to listen. The study further observed that couples, in general, have to learn how not to get into emotionally charged exchanges and just deal with the matter at hand without too much emotion involved.

2. Cultivate Friendship:

Cultivate Friendship

Maintain equality in your relationship, that means respecting each others’ opinions and dividing the chores. Spend time with each other no matter how busy and hectic you both may be. Going out on date nights, quick lunches or, simply staying at home to watch your favorite movie playing on NetFlix gives you both the opportunity to be in the moment with each other and create memorable moments as well.

Overcome difficult phases of your lives by building up each other and genuinely looking after each others’ welfare. Serve each other. Cook up breakfast or offer to drop off or pickup your partner.

According to a 2008 study that was published in the Journal of Family Psychology, couples who learn to work as a team and not perceive each other as competition were more likely to be happy and satisfied int their marriages.

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3. Spend Quiet Time Holding and Touching Each Others Hands

Spend Quiet Time Holding Each Touching Each Others

Based on a study conducted by the Greater Good, a research center founded and maintained at the University of California in Berkeley, people tended to correctly guess emotions being conveyed by touch more than they were able to guess the emotions being spoken to them.

Before getting up in the morning, lock each others’ fingers and stroke each other. Before retiring at night, kiss each other affectionately. It does matter how you and your partner position yourselves while you sleep. The more you rub and touch each other, the better you are able to communicate to your partner how much you care.


Weddings and moving in together are big decisions every couple makes. It’s a milestone but, never an assurance of a happiness. Happy relationships need a lot of hardwork, and the commitment to be consistent about speaking your love and care for each other in unlimited number of ways.

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