Three Celebrities Eating Tips: What Celebrities Say About Eating Right


Even though celebrities have the money to look fabulous any time they want, you’ll be surprised to know that majority of female celebrities in Hollywood now prefer the natural way to get healthy and keep fit.

They hire professional fitness experts to create a special work out for them that will target their most problematic areas. Aside from the rigorous work out sessions, their diet plans are to be strictly followed. Often, they follow diet programs made by famous diet experts like the Dr. Joshi’s Holistic 21-Day Detox Programme, The Zone Diet, The Hamptons Diet and The Raw Food Diet.

These diet programs may help get anyone in shape but they are high maintenance. Celebrities can afford hiring a personal chef to prepare their meals but for an average person, this may be too much. Hence, it is best to follow these three celebrities eating tips:

Celebrities Eating Tips 1: Drew Barrymore is known to easily get fat and thin but recently, she has been maintaining her weight. And her secret is eating less of everything. To avoid over-binging, the secret is not to avoid things you want to eat because you’ll end up wanting more. So, eat what you want but just eat less.

drew barrymoredrew barrymore

Celebrities Eating Tips 2: Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins and this made her body notably plump. But now, her sexy Latina body is back. Aside from her workout regime, she doesn’t hold back on what she wants to eat. The secret is not to overeat. She says she eats meats, crabs and even McDonald but she lessens eating desserts.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez

Celebrities Eating Tips 3: Jessica Alba is one hot mama. She manages to get fit immediately after giving birth. Her diet is all about eating lean meat like chicken and fish. She also eats lots of vegetables and fruits. Just like J-Lo, she doesn’t eat much dessert and prefers snacking on yogurt instead.

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba

Kim Cattral says it best when she talks about the right time to start doing extra minutes on the treadmill and avoiding dessert. She has pants that fit perfectly when her weight is right but once she needs to lie in bed just to get her zipper to close. Again, it only means one thing: taking a step back from desserts and bread!

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