Tiffany Hwang: A Luscious Beauty in Pink for Beauty PL Magazine


Tiffany Hwang or better known by her stage name Tiffany is a songstress, and a member of the Girl’s Generation’s subunit TTS also known as TaeTiSeo, a three member group. She is based in Korea. Born on August 1st 1989, her limelight started in 2004 when she was 15 years old when she was invited to audition for at the SM Entertainment. She joined the company in October the same year.

Apart from singing, Tiffany is also into acting. She has been involved in a lot of photo shoots. Her beauty is a sight to behold and for this she has been able to load multiple magazine shoots. Only this year, she has been featured in a number of magazines such as Allure, InStyle, 1st Look, and Grazia.

In early November, Tiffany would treat her fans to a number of photos she did for BeautyPL Magazine. Rocking her pink color, the photos were nothing short of unique and beautiful. One that stood out mostly was the one that she wore a pink fur coat, and with vague eyes she stared through the window. The pink props together with the candy like theme worked synergistically to bring out a perfect photo, full of style and beauty. Filled with the right amount of class with edge, this pictorial is definitely a keeper.

This however has not been the only photo shoot she has been involved in. In July, she uploaded a number of photos on her Instagram account. They were the behind the scene photos for IPKN. Her love for pink was evident in most of the photos. An endorser of the IPKN, products since 2013, she has been involved in the campaign of this brand. The damsel look gave that sophistication look that came out perfectly.

Lee Byung Hun In Song

At that time, in an interview she said that she was looking forward to working with people like Lee Byung Hun sunbaenim in her acting career. On the music side, she hopes to collaborate with Lee Hyori unni in a song. It may seem like a dream for now but it is something she is hoping to achieve in the near future.

She was an MC at the MBC’s music show Music Core in the year, with a fellow Girl’s Generation member Yuri, IN 2009 which they would later leave in July 2010 to focus on the group’s debut. She has also been a co-host at several award programs such as K-Pop Festival in Vietnam. She also participated in the SBS’s variety show which she took third place. In a reality show, you know like the one you know ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’s’, Tiffany and two of her band-mates got to show the world what their lives generally entailed. The eight episodes documentary titled TaeTiSeo saw the three ladies put on an up-close and personal view of their daily lives.

The essence of the reality show was to show people exactly how much effort is required to keep the group running and ensure they are stunning, not only on the visual part, but also the singing part. It was aimed at allowing people to appreciate their voices as much as they do the beauty.

Tiffany has released songs for various television movies and dramas, both solo and collaborations with the Girl’s Generations’ members.

Tiffany Beauty

On the acting scene, she has not been left behind. She was featured in the SBC variety show. Her health side hasn’t been all roses. She has suffered from vocal nodules and several injuries that have seen her take time off the limelight for a while. At some point her voice became so hoarse that her singing was drastically affected. However, a break from the music scene and sufficient treatment saw her come back stronger, although she says that her voice changed from how it was earlier. She has also suffered from injuries from falls as she performed. Though not serious, caution had to be taken to ensure she stayed in the group. Despite the various challenges encountered by this young beauty, she has always come out even stronger that she left.


Still in her 20’s, Tiffany has achieved much more than the average twenty something old youngster. Her career both in music and acting seem to be taking greater height every other day. Her intriguing beauty has seen her feature in a number of world renowned magazines such as the BeautyPL Magazine. By the look of things, she will be featured in many more as her beauty doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If anything it seems to be increasing every other day. Her resilience to fight back despite the challenges is admirable. She is a role model to many people. We wish her all the best as she pursues her dreams.


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