How Can You Treat Sunburned Skin?


Sunburn results from too much sun exposure. As the excessive UV rays hit your skin, it tries to protect everything under the derma layer by producing reddened inflamed skin. If you continue to be exposed to the sun, the skin will next fill that reddened and inflamed area with serum in an attempt to further cushion the internal organs from too much heat. When you get blistered skin, you have a severe sunburn and this can sometimes require serious treatment and even hospitalization. Few people get to this point, however, because of the stinging discomfort of too much sun on the skin.

How Can You Treat Sunburned Skin?

Once you have a mild to moderate sunburn, the best thing to do is avoid any further sun until the skin is completely healed. There are many tips and tricks to treat your sunburn, and you can try old fashioned remedies or you can try skin brighteners – both of these options are actually proven to help. When looking over the skin brightener reviews, make sure you read up on which ones were best for sunburn without further irritating the skin, because some of the brighteners can cause irritation and redness.

Home remedies usually include applying either milk or aloe vera gel. The lactic acid and the cold temperature of the milk will soothe the pain and will gently lighten the skin as well. Aloe vera will help the skin heal more quickly and provides a barrier of moisture. If possible, try to look over the skin brightener reviews and find those that contain lactic acid – the chief component in milk – or a soothing moisturizer that will help in the same way as aloe vera.

Skin brighteners work by reducing the amount of pigmentation in the skin cells to produce an even, lighter skin tone. This can help with your sunburn because the brightener will lighten the redness to a tan color and if you continue to use it, to a whiter shade. Remember that these products do take several weeks to work, so use the skin brightener reviews to determine which products work more quickly than others or you could face having a peeling nose for a while.

Since these products can cause redness and peeling skin, be sure to try them on a test area first to ensure that you don’t make your sunburn worse. Find a product that will keep your skin soothed as well as lighter in color.


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