5 Tips to follow while Choosing Long Term Relationships


Unhelpful dating behaviors

Making errors when it comes to love is something anyone and everyone experiences. But as one ages, it is ideal that one also matures. However, for a few people, it is difficult to remove long-ingrained dating habits which you might have held on for almost a decade. The following are helpful habits you need to break as you mature.

Settling for someone less

When you are young and just beginning to date out in the world, it could be easy to say “yes” to any person who comes along. Then, it might be convenient to stay with someone who you do not feel as ideal. However, settling for the wrong person is not worth it specially in the long term. You definitely deserve a person who treats you good. As much as possible, do not settle for someone less.

Drunken calls and texts

Texting and calling a person when you are drunk is simply not good. It allows you to appear immature and a tad desperate. Though it is good to drink with a few friends since it is a fun way to socialize, do not drink too much that will allow you to mess up and do things or send texts you will regret. You will only look and sound wasted. As much as possible, avoid the phone or hand it over a friend if you do not trust yourself.


Non Decision Taking

It is convenient to fall in the trap of saying yes to anything a guy wants specially if you are younger. Each answer to a question such as “Where do you want to eat?” or “Where do you want to go?” usually becomes “Whatever it you want.” Though this is okay at times, the instance you become older, indecisiveness could give off or show that you do not have confidence. Therefore, stop saying “Whatever.” Tell your date what you want to do or feel, do it for you not for anyone. Do not be afraid if he or she will walk away if you do. If they do, they clearly do not deserve you.

Waiting instead of acting

If you spend most of your time waiting for the phone to ring when you were in your 20’s or praying for someone to talk to you or ask you for a date, now is the best time to come to your own. Go out there and start asking. Do not wait. Act on your feelings sensibly and ethically. You will thank yourself in the long term.

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