Tips to Get Control of your Bladder


Many people are experiencing problems controlling their bladder which often puts them to an unfavorable situation. There are a lot of causes for bladder problem. This may include aging, disability, smoking, diabetes and spinal cord injury. If you have this kind of problem, you might want to check out some tips on how you can get control of your bladder.

Herbal Medication

Control of your Bladder

One of the best ways to get control of your bladder is to try different herbal medication available today in the market. Due to the increasing numbers of people suffering from bladder problem, many manufacturers of herbal medicines have arises. The kind of herbal medicine to take varies depending on the kind of bladder problem you have. Like for instance, if you are suffering from inability to retain urine, you can try the “NCon Tonic” herbal medicine which is FDA approved.

The main purpose of this herbal medicine is to strengthen your urinary tract so you can retain urine in the bladder much longer. The best way to find the best herbal medication for your bladder problem is through research. Your internet can do a lot of help in your search for the best herbal medicine you can take to get control of your bladder

Prescription Medicine

Another good thing to do to get control of your bladder is to seek for professional help and advice from your doctors. Most people suffering from urinary incontinence are too embarrassed to consult doctors and to talk about this problem. But at this point you should know that too much embarrassment won’t do anything to improve your situation.

The reason for talking to your doctors about this problem is to get prescription medicine that will help you control urinating. Prescription medicine given by your doctors can definitely help you with your bladder problems. Just make sure to strictly follow your doctors’ advice with regards to the kind of drugs to take and the proper dosage to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Exercise & Physical Therapy

Bladder problem particularly urine incontinence is triggered by over-stimulated nervous system which can constrict the bladder leading to an intensified feeling of urgency, pain and pressure. This is why exercise and physical therapy can do wonders to your urine incontinence problem.

Learning to properly practice deep breathing and relaxation exercise routine can definitely help you get more control on your bladder. This thing can be easily learned by anyone alone. On the other hand, if you choose to try undergoing physical therapy, you will be needing guidance from the experts. But you can also be certain with the positive results afterwards.

Managing to control your bladder at all times is extremely important. Urine incontinence can definitely be too embarrassing especially for those who are too young for this sickness. Likewise, wearing an adult diaper is uncomfortable as well. Though there are many treatment and tips you can find to fight bladder problems, prevention is still the best cure you can have.