Hair Care Tips: Follow 7 Hair Care Habits to Get Long and Thick Hair


We, women, have been accused of being fickle minded. We hate one second and love the next. In some ways, the allegations are true, like in the way we like styling our hair. One day you want it short, the following day, you can wish you never cut it at all.

7 Habits that Grant Your Wish to Get Longer Hair

Below are 7 tips that can help you maximize your hair length gain and keep your hair healthy too:

1. Alternate Wash and No Wash Days:

Alternate Wash and No Wash Days

Whenever you can, try to wash your hair only once every week or, the least number of times that you can take. Your hair will be extremely oily at first as it adjusts to your new hair care routine, you just have to try to tolerate it until it goes back to normal. This first habit is the reason why getting cornrows is also a highly recommended hairstyle to get your tresses longer at the soonest possible time.

2. Better Manage Stress: Stress can cause your hair to dry, become frizzy, break and fall. In fact, stress is the major cause of alopecia. Stop stressing out. Learn relaxation techniques for those moments you find can easily make you snap.

3. Get a Monthly Trim:

Get a Monthly Trim Hair

This may sound like counterproductive but, because a regular trim helps keep your hair healthy, it actually does help grow out your hair because you get to keep your tresses long, thick and without suffering from breakage or untimely hair fall.

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4. Avoid Staying Up Late: Lack of sufficient sleep has been linked many times over to poor hair health. Sleeplessness, most especially when chronic, compromises the body’s ability to properly absorb and assimilate nutrients for use by the body. In essence, that means, less available essential nutrients for your hair.

5. Avoid Harsh Products and Heat-treating your Hair:

Avoid Harsh Products

Perming and straightening products can be specially harsh on your hair and scalp. These don’t only cause your strands to break but also to fall, making you lose length and volume at the same time. The same unfortunate losses can happen with overly heat styled hair.

6. Eat Healthy: Beyond eating your fresh foods, particularly eat foods rich in protein, iron and B vitamins — the building blocks of hair.

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7. Avoid Tying Up your Hair:
Not only does tying up your hair cause your hair strands to curl and lose length. Pulling back your strands also pulls on the roots causing you to loose plenty of those locks and may even end up damaging your hair follicles.


If you’re trying to beat the deadline to grow your tresses long by Christmas, be more realistic (and scientific) about your expectations first. It will be good for you to know that your hair can only grow half-inch up to one inch longer every month, no matter what you do to your scalp and hairstrands.

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