Fab Tips: How Can You Look Stunning & Fabulous in a Winter Wedding?


It’s cold and it’s outside of your control. So, you’ve been thinking exactly how you can make sure your skin behaves throughout winter. That’s most especially problematic when you’re either exchanging, “I do’s” with your beau or, if you’re looking forward to escort your bestie down the aisle. To make matters even more challenging, your dress, shoes and hair must all match the unforgiving winter weather.

8 Tips To Be Fab In Time For Your Winter Wedding

Get on these 5 tips now so you can rescue your beauty and style in time for that winter wedding you’ve been looking forward to since the start of the year:

1. Adapt a Healthier Diet and Lifestyle

Adapt a Healthier Diet and Lifestyle

What happens inside you shows in your appearance. Get on a diet rich in fresh produce as you skip on processed foods, workout every other day of the week at the very least, and get at least 7 hours of sleep night after night. In less than 5 days, you’ll see the beautiful difference this lifestyle change brings to your skin.

2. Exfoliate


Make sure to count the number of days you have left before the winter wedding before employing any form of exfoliation. As a rule of thumb, the exfoliation method you should use must be less abrasive with low to no downtime as the wedding date approaches.

3. Moisturize


Want soft, supple, dewy skin that leaves everybody else in awe, “how is that possible?” Then, you need to pack in the hydration, starting with using a non-drying toner. Stay away from any product that’s too experimental and that has too many ingredients on the labels as these are likely to irritate your skin.

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4. Apply Eye Cream

Apply Eye Cream

Moisturizers just won’t cut it for skin around your eyes. Give skin around these parts the care and attention it requires by getting yourself an eye cream. If dark under eye circles are an issue, make sure to get a product that contains whitening ingredients such as retinol Vitamin C.

5. Oil Your Tresses

Oil Your Tresses

Keep your hair healthy and well-behaved by treating it with natural oils but most especially, virgin coconut oil. Also, refrain from washing your hair everyday.

6. Get Product Residues Off of Your Hair and Skin With Carbonated water

Get Product Residues Off of Your Hair and Skin

Rinsing with this new beauty find breaks the hard debris formed by product residues so that the treatment effect of your oils and creams can be felt more intensely.

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7. Wear Products Made for Winter

Wear Products Made for Winter

From your moisturizers down to your lipsticks, make sure to layer only your skin with products that won’t suck out moisture from your skin but, instead, keep the moisture in.

8. Choose An Outfit That’s Both Appropriate for The Event and Weather

Choose An Outfit That’s Both Appropriate for The Event and Weather

Don’t wear scallop gowns that will leave you to freeze. Make sure you’re stylish but also calm.


The longer time you get to prep, the better. So, start now, beginning with these 8 tips.

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