5 Tips To Reverse Your Makeup Mistakes


We love beauty hacks and learning new makeup application how-tos. Most of the time, however, we commit makeup mistakes on the most basic rules of putting on makeup that we should have learned a long time ago! Okay, if you’re dead serious to start doing things right, it’s time to unlearn what you thought you’ve always known about putting on your makeup, and up your makeup smarts with these five tips to reverse your makeup mistakes.

Tip No. 1: Using the wrong shade of foundation. For once, get your foundation color right! First, you have to make sure that you’re spreading the same foundation color on your face and neck. If your décolleté is exposed, make sure to put on some in that area as well so you have a seamless skin color that runs from your face down.

So, what if you made the wrong choice of foundation yet again? Your next best bet is a concealer that is in your skin tone or lighter and a lightweight cream moisturizer if you need to lighten the color, that is. Simply blend in all three at the back of your hand. Make sure the colors are evenly blended. Try on a patch on the side of your face to check that the shade is corrected before applying to the rest of the face.

Shade of foundation use

If you need to darken the tint on your foundation, reach for your concealer in the darker tone and you will be happy to have a liquid eye shadow in nude color that is in a darker shade than your foundation to pull off this trick. Blend all three components well. Try on a patch of your skin before applying to the rest of your face.

Tip No. 2: Eyebrows that are too thick. Gone is the days when eyebrows drawn with just one stroke were the buzz. These days, we love bolder, more natural looking eyebrows. But, what do you do if you look like you’ve drawn outside of your brows or, if you suddenly notice you’ve drawn your eyebrows too thick? That’s when you’ll find another good use for your concealer.

Using a damp sponge, try to get some excess eyebrow out by gently pressing on the excess part but, don’t wipe. While still damp, follow up with another sponge, this time, a dry one. Whatever is still visible you cover up with the concealer. If you’re not using the pencil type, use cotton buds for better control and precision. Make sure to blend in the concealer well.

Tip No. 3: Deep red lips that are starting to smudge and color beyond the lip line. In the first place, you should have gotten your lip outlined with a concealer or with a nude lip pencil before even putting on your lipstick. Anyways, do the same to correct your mistake.

Deep red lips

First, use a cotton bud to get the smudged lipstick that are crossing your lip line out of the way. Next, use a concealer or a nude lip liner to draw the outer side of your lip outline. Take your red lip liner again to draw the inner part of your lip line. Fill in the rest of your lips.

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Tip No. 4: Oily eyelids and eye shadow that is out of place. Prime your eyelids with a concealer. But, before you do, make sure that the area is oil free. Let the matte finish of the concealer hold your eye shadow in place. Apply your eyeshadow. If you have oily skin, avoid the ones that are laden with oil and choose those pigments that give you a drier finish. For best results and to give your eyeshadow and your makeup in general a smudge protect shield, spritz on your setting spray.

Tip No. 5: Clamped up eyelashes and powdery mascara. A perennial issue in wearing makeup and perhaps one of the most challenging is to keep your mascara looking fresh, properly curled and dewy. Always carry a dry eyelash spool or brush with you, and eyelash primer, your mascara, and a reliably strong makeup remover that is gentle on your skin.

When you start feeling your mascara clamping up, excuse yourself to visit the ladies and try brushing or spooling your eyelash. Then, brush on with eyelash primer to liven up the product. When you see powdery mascara, you’ll know it’s time to totally take it off and reapply it again. Using your makeup remover, sandwich your eyelashes in between the surface of your makeup remover, careful not to wipe against your eyelids so as not to damage your eyeliner and eyeshadow. Wrinkle the makeup remover while your at it. Brush your eyelashes and prime before putting on your mascara.

wearing mascara

If you love wearing mascara, and wish to avoid this situation again, give false eyelashes or eyelash extensions a try, and you can say goodbye to mascara fixes all together.


The perfect makeup for you is the one that fits you well. It’s nice to put in a little trend in there every once in a while but, make sure you know what you’re putting on your face and how you can correct any damage or fall out.


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