Hair Styling Tips: 8 Simple Way to Use Hair Spray


There are many hair spray products in the market and this has made it hard for the consumer to decide on the right product. This is one of the challenges when it comes to using a hair spray. But the big question is, are you aware of the proper way of using hairspray in order to get the maximum results that each claims to have? One of the best hair spray available in the market is Aussie Sprunch that is applied directly on the bristle brush. The small areas that need control for example the hairline should be sprayed using a comb or a small toothbrush. There are several tips that can guide you in using your hair spray and be able to get the maximum result of getting the look that you long for in all seasons. The tips on how to use hair spray include:

Smoothening the Hair

Most people are wrong as they think that a hairspray should be applied after tying the hair into a ponytail. The right way of using a hair spray is to spritz it into the nylon hair brush and then use it to sweep the hair into a pony tail. This helps the flyaways and curls to lie flat without weighing down the strands.

Increase the Volume of the Hair

This was the most popular use of hair spray in the 90s and it is still in use till today but the application method has changed. Long ago, the hair was teased first for one to get the desired volume and then sprayed to hold the style fixed. In recent times, the hair is brushed in an upside down position. The hair spray is then sprayed at a distance of six inches away from the scalp. This is done before blow drying it for one to achieve the desired volume.

Increase the volume of the hair

Prevention of Oily hair

One of the most innovative products available in the market today is dry shampoo. This comes in handy for people who are usually in a hurry when going to work and they are not ready to wet the hair in the morning. Dry shampoo helps one to avoid the accumulation of oil in the scalp and hair. Dry shampoo is applied to hair after blow drying and spraying is done directly underneath the hair roots. This method hides the white residue that is left behind and it also holds the fixed style for longer.

Creation of a wavy style before bed

Dry shampoo helps one to get a messy or wavy hairstyle in the morning without the use of iron rollers. Use dry shampoo to dry the hair by applying approximately six inches away from the scalp. One should start applying from the ears going upwards and then twisting the hair into a bun as this helps to avoid heavy build up of hair. This helps to get volume in the morning after waking up.

Outlining curls

Spray gel is one of the best hair spray to outline the curls of the hair. Dry hair and then apply spray gel by misting it lightly for approximately ten sprays. It is important to pay a special attention to the particular areas where more control is needed. In case some of the hair is frizzed in the course of the day, simply touch it up by application of spray gel. Outlining the curls is one of the hair styling tips that makes one look gorgeous by enhancing the beauty of a woman.

Setting braids

It is advisable to apply spray gel before braiding instead of after especially in cases where the hair is layered up. Separate the hair into sections and lightly mist the spray from about six inches away. It is also important to spray the gel after braiding to tame the flyaways.

Setting braids

Protect against heat

Woman who are fond of using hair curlers, blow dry and other tools that use heat on the hair are encouraged to use the heat protecting spray. Deep condition the hair and then apply the heat protecting spray on it when it is still wet. This enables the spray to penetrate the hair shaft and the cuticle before blow drying takes place. Spraying the hair can be part by part or the whole of it can be done at once. The spray will protect the hair from damage and give it additional shine. This spray is also one of the best hair spray available in the market.

Using salty spray

It is advisable to apply salt spray to the bottom and middle sections of the hair. When one wants more volume on the hair, mist the spray on the roots, crunch and twist the hair to activate the spray. This helps one to achieve the best hair styling tip of the wave effect.


When buying hair sprays online, it is advisable to use available offers on sale and use coupons for one to be able o save on the expenses. There are several tips that explain how to use hair spray to be able to get the maximum results that most products claim to have in the market. Hair sprays also help to provide the best hair styling tips therefore enhancing the appearance and beauty of an individual.


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