10 Tips To Wear Makeup When Your Skin Is Dry And Flaky


Putting on makeup can be easy as a breeze when you have smooth skin to begin with. When it comes to makeup that really works – that highlights your assets and enhances your weaker features – the essential first step is to make sure you have a nice, silky smooth canvass to begin with. Still, there are many factors like the cold, crisp weather or, the constantly changing and unpredictable weather that put a toll on your skin too. These harsh environmental conditions leave your skin dry, flaky and lifeless.

What must you do when you find yourself in this dry spell? Don’t fret! It’s not a helpless case. Read on to find out how best to deal with weathered skin.

  1. Exfoliate skin regularly. Just because you see dry, dead skin floating around your face, it does not mean that you should stop exfoliating because your skin is dry. You need to get those flakes out of your canvass. Exfoliating not only helps your skin kick out dead skin but also, stimulates the regeneration of newer, softer, more flawless skin.
  2. Keep your skin well hydrated throughout the day . Try deep skin moisturizers, most especially the ones with a serum formulation to let that hydrating moisture seep deep down into your skin. Moisturizers do more than just leave your skin feeling refreshed and more supple to touch, the ones formulated with AHAs and peptides in fact help supply skin with amino acids, the essential building blocks for skin repair and renewal.

    Keep in mind to use two types of moisturizers-one with SPF protection for daytime use, and another with higher concentrations of skin conditioners and specially engineered peptides that help heal skin damage while you sleep. Stay away from tinted moisturizers too.

  3. Pick a foundation that doesn’t leave a matte finish, most especially for use during winter months. A matte finish will leave your skin even drier and flakier. Pick up a cream-based foundation that includes some skin conditioning agents.
  4. Park everything else matte and waterproof. Fill your beauty bag with cream based and oil based makeup to keep you looking well put together despite the absolutely challenging weather. Fall and winter months are just simply not the appropriate time to be wearing matter and waterproof types of makeup. You’re going to want to pick up these when spring and summer have set in. Matte and waterproof makeup can be too harsh for dry, flaky skin, and will leave your skin feeling sucked up of moisture.
  5. Flaky Skin
  6. Give your eye area more attention. Make sure those dry skin don’t show on your face frame! Even for your eyebrows and eyelids, use only cream-based for now. Skip the one-day tattoo eyebrows and go back temporarily to eyebrow pencils or retractable eyebrow pencils. The same goes for your eyeliner. Liquid ink, when dried in an already dry weather will tend to crease and make you look aged.
  7. Deal with chapped lips by using moisturizing lip balm or lip gloss. If you feel the need for lipstick, pick up your glossy shimmers and silky lipstick formulations that leave your lips feeling waxed but not thick nor dry.
  8. Keep makeup simple. Keep applying the rule of thumb when putting on everyday makeup: the objective is to enhance your assets and not to make you look different. In rare occasions, and particularly because it’s party season, you may have to wear more makeup than usual. Just stick to products that are infused with moisturizers, and always choose creamy formulations.
  9. Keep your skin protected from the cold, crisp air as much as you can. Spend less time outdoors, and more time indoors where you can control the temperature of the air in your surroundings to avoid windburns and flaky skin. Moisturize as much as you can.
  10. Skin Protected
  11. Never go to bed with your make up on. Else, those residues will stick to the damaged skin floating around your face and will certainly give you a hard time wearing your makeup the following day. Wipe off stubborn makeup with oil-based makeup remover. After which, clean face with mild, soap-free cleanser then, follow up with a toner.

    Prevent further damaging your skin by wiping off makeup thoroughly before you hit the sack. After all, your night time moisturizer will need your pores to be free of foreign bodies so that you can derive its optimal benefits.

  12. Go back to one – make sure to exfoliate! If you don’t exfoliate, all that dead skin does is pile up one after the other, making your skin look rugged, dry and more prone to acne caused by uncontrolled bacteria on skin, and make makeup even more difficult to manage.

Sport your holiday look this cold season while staying absolutely confident in your own skin. If you get to maintain your skin well enough, you might even opt to go nude or completely free of makeup-okay, okay perhaps a little bit of enhancing here and there will do. Now, that may just be the perfect holiday treat for your skin.


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