Too Thick Eyebrows for Spring/Winter


Naturalness runs all the way through Spring/Winter 2011-2012 beauty trends. In this season of Spring/Winter 2011-2012 the style is to have thicker eyebrows than in the past, with a nice and natural looking arch. Thick eyebrows do not have to be too thick; you can always shape them so that they look natural and enthralling.

Thick Eyebrows for SpringThick Eyebrows for Spring

The eyebrows should never be neglected, and thicker eyebrows will do more to explore the natural beauty of your eyes than thin eyebrows, which appear to detract from your eyes.

 Eyebrows for Spring Eyebrows for Spring

To formulate naturally thick eyebrows use a sharp eyebrow pencil and movements follow the natural structure. Hide parts that are not covered with hair, with brow powder with a lighter color than the natural brow color.

 Eyebrows Eyebrows


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