10 Amazing Nail Art Designs Of 2013


We all know how amazing the nails look when you give it specifically beautified designs. The nail art is trending as a style statement amongst women. Young girls also search for the elegant looking designs to make their nails look gorgeous.

The Kisses:

the kisses

It is a design which looks quite girly. Apply the pink colored nail polish on the fingers expect the ring fingers on both hands. Apply white coat n your ring fingers and draw the small heart shaped designs with the black color and fill it with pink.

Fruit Nail Art:


This gives you cute looking loveable nails. Look at the wonderful love towards fruit nail art. You can draw watermelon, lime, kiwi, pineapple and apples on different nails to get this look.

Summer Nails:

summer nails

Use the white and black shade with the small glittering stones. This enriches the look of your nails and gives you a cool look.

Steam Punk:

steam punk

Get the steam punk design on your nails with the black shade and gold glitters. Explore these unique designs to get the best religious style.

Do It Yourself Nails:

yourself nails

Look at this cool sky shaded nail color beaded with the gold glitters to make your nails look radiant.

Polka Dot Bow Nails:

polka dot bow nails

Apply the transparent nail paint and let it dry out. Draw the border towards the growing nails with black color and sketch a bow with it. Use a red paint towards the border of your nails. Use thin brush to apply the polka dots with white.

Pretty Nails:

pretty nails

Get these pretty nails using different darker shades on your nails? Use the black, white, pink, blue and yellow colors to get the pretty look.

Smurf Nails:

smurf nails

Are you willing to have this cute nail design with the cartoon characters? Get this look to rewind the innocence of your childhood days.

Awesome Summer Nails:


Get your nails manicured and use the black color to design them. Use the glittering shades to make your nails look awesome this summer.

Fuschia Butterfly:

fuschia butterfly

Love this Fuschia butterfly designs. Use the glittery pink color and use the black white colors to design your nails like the butterfly pattern.

Photos via www.befunky.com


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