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Best Lip PlumpersIn a lifetime, women spend an average of $15,000 on beauty products, according to the recent study commissioned by British beauty store Superdrug. This only shows how a perception of beauty influences women. Many believe that a set of luscious lips can greatly make a woman look more beautiful than she already is—absolutely true. Who wouldn’t envy the Hollywood celebrity style lips being sported on the television and magazine cover? Millions of women want Angelina Jolie’s full, plump lips and sexy pout. If you are not born with naturally pouty lips, owning one might already be in your priority list. Smoking, the heat of the sun, and changes in collagen and fat can also reduce the plumpness of lips over time.So what is the best way to turn your lips from lackluster to plump kisser without breaking the bank? Lip Plumpers! And besides, these will spare you from the risky route of collagen injections and other expensive cosmetic surgeries. Here are the top 5 best lip plumpers in the market today:

Top Rated Best Lip Plumpers

Lip Fusion Lip Plumper

Lip Fusion Lip PlumperLip fusion has micro-meca to achieve intense shine and employs collagen technology for smoothing wrinkles and fine lines as it enhances the fullness of lips and lip contour. It includes 5 products that make the lips plump, moist and sheer for up to 6 hours. Available in 7 different shades, the Lip Fusion Plump and Re-plum liquid lipstick is stimulated by moisture which re-plumps as you dampen your lips.The Lip Fusion Lip Plumber contains micro-injected collagen functions as a moisturizing treatment lip gloss. Through its revolutionary technology, it gives you a set of full, pouty lips quick and easy-right after application! The Lip Fusion Lip Plumber color shine also has micro-injected collagen and available in 14 colors.
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Celebrity Pout

Celebrity PoutCelebrity Pout features nourishing, gentle, and no sting lip plumper that moisturizes the lips instantly. It guarantees increase of natural collagen in the lips as a positive long term effect. The Celazome Lip Treat effectively draws moisture, making the lips plump without irritating, drying or chapping the lips. It nourishes and guards even the most sensitive lips. Celebrity Pout assures immediate and lasting results-fabulous, sexy and fuller lips than ever before or get your money back. Celebrity Pout claims to have great long term effect if used daily.
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Freeze 24-7 Plump Lips

Freeze 24-7 Plump LipsSince 2003, Freeze 24-7 focuses on offering safe, effective and revolutionary anti-aging products. The company is very transparent with regard to its goals and perspective. Buyers can check their website for in-depth information. Several magazine articles and prominent retailers that include Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Harrods prove that Freeze 24-7 is a highly regarded and well-trusted brand.

Freeze 24-7 encourages a natural way of achieving plump, full and sexy lips without having to risk one’s health in the name of beauty. It helps remove the wrinkles on the face and the thin wrinkles on the lips. As a “revolutionary lip enhancer”, Freeze 24-7 increases the blood flow going the edge of the lips and keeps the lips hydrated, youthful and smooth without the drying, chapping and the stinging sensation. It can be applied under a lipstick or lip-gloss.
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Cushy Lips

Cushy LipsCushy Lips contains organic ingredients that heighten circulation of blood to the vessels of the lips, making them appear full and plump. It works by topically applying this lip enhancer and allow menthol and camphor to work on the plumping magic. It nourishes the lips inside and out, stimulating circulation to achieve immediate and lasting plumping effect. The macadamia nut oil and castor bean oil make complete hydration possible. Using the Cushy Lips twice daily claims to give maximum effects that are much better than cosmetic implants and collagen shots.

The explosion of cosmetic lip plumpers hype is caused by women’s high regard to beauty and “ageless appeal”. Of course, the unrelenting scrutiny of famous celebrity faces has lured women throughout the world to spend on beauty products that can effectively make lips instantly full, pouty and sexy. Thanks to reliable lip plumpers available in the market today, women can steer away from costly, risky and painful surgical procedures of achieving plump lips.
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  1. Katie C.

    October 24, 2013 at 6:30 am

    Recently I’ve tried the Cushy Lips and although this pumped my pout. I was more than happy to have glitzy lips with quite fuller volume. While applying this was easier, my lips used to feel as if they would never get dry. But it was never too cool reapplying it every now and then to maintain the effects of pout.

  2. Erica Collins

    October 23, 2013 at 5:57 am

    Last summer, I was terribly in pain due to chapped and peeling lips. Even after applying Vaseline my lips used to dry out faster. I have to reapply Vaseline every now and then, which was hectic. While browsing through treating chapped lips, I came over Maxolip. Although I was skeptical if this would help to prevent lips from drying, it really did give me soft, puffy lips. I was pleased with the long lasting effects it provided.

  3. Kitt Gracia

    October 8, 2013 at 6:26 am

    I’ve been using free 24-7 plump lips since one year. It does not require any prescription. It was safe on my lip skin, as it didn’t experience any irritation. It helped to improve the wrinkles near my lips. Love this product, as it can be worn with lip gloss.

  4. Adrian

    September 30, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    I’m not any expert on makeup, but I always had one huge weakness for beauty products, that claim to plump and make lips pouty and fuller…As a result, I have tried many lip glosses out in the market and decided to use maxolip lip plumper….Honestly speaking, when I bought this product I didn’t care about whether it will work or not… But it worked nicely for me… After using it for around 4-5 weeks i got some amazing results, that I was not expecting at all… I will definitely recommend it to people actually wanting to have pouty lips…..

  5. Amanda Brighton

    September 23, 2013 at 7:33 am

    After trying many different lip plumping products, the best effective results I got from the maxolip lip plumper…This is among the highly talked product which is somehow newer in the market and gained the popularity much faster than any other product…When I got out to try this product I was actually very much impressed with the product and the way it worked for me…The reason why I recommend maxolip as the best lip plumper is really because, it gave me the biggest effect without any mild or stingling side effects…This lip plumper works by stimulating the blood flow to the lips and by increasing the water content to the lips….It uses Vitamin B and E which is good for nourishing skin cells and for smoothing it..It’s the best lip plumper and after using it, my hands are down.

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