Top 8 Beauty Mistakes Women Make


There is no need to rush out and buy every new anti aging item that comes on the market. Did you know that you can take years off of your face just by following a few makeup application tips? There are 8 major mistakes that a lot of women make when it comes to makeup, and unfortunately, these mistakes can add years to your face! Here are those mistakes and what you can do to remedy them:

  1. Too much foundation – Remember the old saying, “less is more?” Well, it is true for foundation. Women who wear caked on foundation tend to look older than they are, and you only need a light layer. You can even get away with a tinted moisturizer, which will keep your skin looking fresh and young.
  2. Wrong spot for blush – a lot of women apply blush to the apple of their cheeks, but this only draws more attention to any sagging skin. Instead, you want to put blush on the cheekbones, sweeping the brush upwards, away from your nose.
  3. Too much glitter – shimmery eye shadow has its place, but that place is not the corners of your eyes! Put it on the inside of your eyelids, and on the brow bone, where it won’t show up every fine line in your face.
  4. Too much cover up – We all like to cover up our dark circles, scars and wrinkles, but the older you get, the less cover up does for you. When you put concealer under your eyes, keep it as light as possible, and avoid covering you face with powder, because it actually brings out your fine lines instead of hiding them.
  5. Too much mascara and eyeliner – (I am noticing a trend here, with “too much” of everything!) Putting mascara and eyeliner on your lower eyelashes and eyelids will make your dark circles and crow’s feet pop out more! Only apply these to your upper lashes and lids for a younger look. Eyelash curlers work great to improve the look of your eyes as well.
  6. Run-on lip color – When we get older, the line of our lips tends to fade away, which can cause lipstick to run or feather. If you apply a clear lip liner to your lip line, this should stop all further leaks!
  7. Too much dark lip color – When your lips are thinning, those dark, metallic or bright colors will make you look older than you really are. Try to stick with colors that are more neutral, like rose shades. If you actually stop wearing lipstick altogether, and buy a sheer gloss instead, this can make you look even younger.
  8. And the eighth beauty mistake that women make, is not aging gracefully. Don’t worry about looking younger, and you will! Women who walk around dressed like teenagers, with tons of makeup on aren’t fooling anybody, and the way they act and dress usually makes them look foolish and older. Act your age, think young, and don’t worry about what others think about you.

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