Top 8 Valentine Surprises To Express Your Love For Him & For Her


Love is such a powerful force that moves two lives. Valentine’s is that special day every year when you and your loved one can celebrate the joys and blessings of each other with the rest of the world. And, while everybody else is taking part in this heart’s day festivities, and everyone is being showered with affection, you’d want to flatter your significant other and give him or her the best gift a husband or wife, a boyfriend or a girlfriend can get on V-Day.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to express your love and devotion because the best gifts are the ones you can’t buy. Read on to check out the Top 8 gifts for him and for her.

Top 8 Gifts For Him

Come on! You can do so much better than to give your boyfriend or hubby a necktie or cufflings or a coffee mug! Try one of these 8 items below for a change.

1. Couples blow up photo portrait. Perfect for your place or for his office space, a photo of you two from one of your memorable trips is always a great gift. Have it printed in black and white and placed in a wooden frame for a more classic, timeless feel.

2. Personalized robe. Pick up the softest robe in navy blue or black and have your loved one’s initials stitched on it. Make it a pair – get yourself one too!

3. Massage oil and a free personalized at-home massage voucher. Tease your loved one to a nice warm bath followed with a soothing, fragrant massage oil you can rub on yourself.

4. Movie and popcorn night at home. Set up your home theater and get that popcorn popping’ for a special movie night right in the comfort of your own home.

5. Personalized wine or beer bottle. If your man is a big time wine or beer drinker, pick up his favorite brand from the liquor store and have his and your name or initials printed to replace the label. Pop the cork!

Personalized Wine Bottle for Him

6. Take him camping. Camp in your backyard or your local park. It’s a much better date night than making a reservation in full packed fine dining restos on V-Day.

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7. Personalized cork coaster set with your names or initials engraved on it. Make it a main stay at your man’s bar station!

8. Personalized wooden watch stand. Get your man organizing. Give him a place where he can hang his favorite time pieces and keep them scratch free.

Top 8 Gifts For Her

So, you think only an expensive piece of jewelry or gadget will make your woman happy on V-Day? Think again. Women want to be flattered and need to be reassured that they have your attention. So, make her the center of the universe on V-Day!

1. Nothing says it better than a bunch of beautiful fresh flowers. That’s simply that! What makes it so much more special is to have these beautiful flowers delivered at your girl’s workplace. If you have the guts, deliver them yourself!

Bunch of beautiful fresh flowers for her

2. Picture books. Make your special moments together last. Select several photos from your memories database and have it printed in a picture book – hard bound.

3. A video of moments together with a special message. If you’re talented in graphics and media design, why not put together a short video of you together. Throw in a short spiel, a special message dedicated for her. For best results, make another compressed version ready to upload on Facebook!

4. Personalized photo box. Have a wooden box designed with your photos around it and your names or initials on the cover. Make it your little box of memories together. Pick up love letters you exchanged from some time ago and put it inside.

5. Take her to a long drive and a vacation. Spending quiet, alone time with your wife or girlfriend is the best way you can show her she has your full attention – at least for the V-Day weekend, anyway.

6. Dinner date surprise with your cooking on the menu. Whether you’re a good or a lousy cook, your woman will find the gesture heartwarming. That does not mean you should set yourself up to fail! Google up a simple dinner recipe from a reputable cooking site or, take a cooking advice from a good friend of yours. The secret to getting it right is to keep the menu simple! Don’t forget to light up the candles and turn down the lights!

Dinner Date Surprise

7. Take her stargazing. If you have a local observatory nearby, this is one of the most unforgettable dates you can take her to. Have fun stargazing and even name a star after her.

8. Take her backyard camping. If you have a nice backyard, watch the stars from there! Spread out the blanket and lie down next to each other on the ground. If you have a tent, pitch a tent and spend the night outdoors.


Valentine’s can be mushy and cheesy but, it’s that one time in the year when you don’t have to be shy about showing how you feel for your woman or man. Let the rest of the world look on!


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