Top 9 Foundation Mistakes Which are Made Quite Often!


Okay, so you’ve been using foundation ever since you can remember wearing makeup but, haven’t really perfected the foundation for putting on foundation – get it? Let’s pause actually putting on makeup for a while and look more closely at where you’ve been committing serious beauty crimes whenever you put on your foundation.

Mistake #1: Not giving foundation the respect it deserves
All this years, you think foundation is just one of the must-haves when putting on make up. However, you never truly pondered for a second what the objective of putting on foundation is in the first place. Please remind yourself: foundation is important to give your skin perfect complexion. That’s what it’s for.

Mistake #2: Using foundation to cover up skin imperfections. Well, it helps do that but, hiding imperfections is the primary role of a concealer. In relation to Mistake # 1 above, foundations are designed to give you a more evened out skin tone so that the rest of your makeup can glide smoothly and stay on skin.

Mistake #3: Using foundation on skin that has not been receiving periodic exfoliation. If you put on foundation regularly, exfoliate skin regularly as well. Dead skin scattered and floating all over your face will most certainly catch foundation and float around with it, leaving your skin looking rough and dry instead of upping your skin’s flawless appeal.

Mistake #4: Using foundation over skin that has not been properly prepped
By proper prepping, that includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating. Again, exfoliate regularly.

Cleanse your face and neck with a soap-free facial cleanser to protect skin from moisture loss which, in turn, may result to skin redness and irritations. Tone to clear up the pores and to close your pores. Follow up with a clear, serum formulated moisturizer or, better yet, opt for one or two drops of any essential oil. Massage gently to work the moisturizer into your skin. Wait for the product to be completely absorbed before applying your base.

Use a primer over which your foundation can sit on to help prevent your sweat and natural oils from erasing your foundation and thus, leaving you with a patched, cakey complexion.

Mistake #5: Selecting a foundation that does not suit your skin type
Foundation is what it is, a foundation for great looking skin. It is “the foundation” of your makeup, and there’s no valid reason for you to be picking up the wrong foundation. Once you go wrong with your foundation, putting on your entire makeup becomes senseless.

There are different types and formulations available for you to choose from. If you have oily skin, you may want to go for a powder foundation. If you have normal to dry skin, go ahead and rich for cream or oil based foundations.

Mistake #6: Choosing a foundation tint in a poorly lighted room

Foundation Tint

Evaluate the seamlessness of your natural skin tone and your foundation – and, no! Don’t try it on your hand because your facial skin has very different tone and color with the back of your hand. Find a window in your house where there is an ample amount of natural light shining through. Apply a patch around your eyes and your jaws. You’ll know when you’ve chosen the righ tint because the product will blend in seamlessly with your skin.

Mistake #7: Relying on poor lighting when you’re putting on your foundation
Make it a rule to find a room where there’s white light or move closer to the window to catch natural light prior to wearing your foundation. Poor lighting does not help you see areas that need more coverage or, areas where you need to further massage in the product.

Mistake #8: Using inappropriate concealer and makeup tools to put on your foundation
Concealers, again, are the products designed to deflect light and make seem skin optically even and flawless. Contrary to common practice, however, never apply concealer under your foundation but instead, apply on top of your foundation.

Using the correct brushes or sponges are important in making sure that your makeup blends in well with your skin.

To apply a powder foundation, use fine bristled makeup brush to work the product into your skin. To apply liquid based or cream based foundation, use a wet sponge. For better control, put a drop of your liquid or cream foundation at the back of your hand. Pick up tiny portions of the product with your sponge then apply evenly on skin. Whether you are using a brush or a sponge, alway apply foundation with circular, upward strokes.

Mistake #9: Using the same foundation throughout the year

Using the same foundation

You need to have two sets of foundations — one meant for use during the spring and summer, and another one meant for use during the fall and winter months. The reason? Simple. Your skin has very different needs throughout these seasons. In general, use powder based foundation to let skin breathe during the summer, and cream based foundation to prevent skin from drying up in winter.


There is so much beauty that can be derive just by using and applying your foundation more properly.


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