Top Backstage Beauty Tips From Bridal Fashion Week


The best place to get the best beauty tips is to attend the Bridal Fashion shows. And it is not just about the beauty tips, you will also have a sneak peak at some of the beautiful dresses available. This season, we asked makeup artists and hairstylists to spill all their best-kept secrets just for brides. What we got was amazing. Consider the following great pieces of advice for your big day.

1. Wearing an updo is a foolproof way to look great

Wearing an updo makes you exude confidence. An updo that’s soft and textured looks modern and lasts a long time, too.

2. Try other colors for your nails other than pink

You don’t need to stick to pink if your dress has colors that don’t rhyme with pink. For example, if your dress has a bit of red in it, go for a red nail color. You can also consider very light blue, it sometimes looks better than pink and can go with different dresses.

3. The color above your neck should match the color below it

There should be a continuity of skin tone from your toes up to the top of your head. Any break will make you have an appearance that is not pleasing at all.

4. Choose a darker setting powder

Choose a Darker Setting Powder

If you wear finishing powder that is lighter than your skin, you will look washed out. But if you wear one that’s just a shade darker than your skin, it will help control shine and give you a stunning look.

5. Your dress should be the focal point of your look

Many people who look at you will start from your dress. So you should not let your makeup overshadow it.

6. Focus much on your skin

Make your skin look perfect. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a full face of makeup, whether you are or not. Your skin should come first before any makeup. Put foundation only where needed and ensure you use the right concealers.

7. At your hair trial, try to mess up your hairstyle

Before sending the models out to walk the runway, Kevin Ryan, a hairstylist, always makes them shake their heads to make sure everything is alright. If the hair becomes undone, it’s much better to fix the problem instead of having it happen in the middle of your big day.


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