Top Celebrity Makeunders 2012

Drew Barrymore BeforeDrew Barrymore After

A lot of people will always look up to celebrity makeup for reference. Most of the time it becomes the trend and celebrity hairstyle that would set the mood of fashion for a certain year. A little makeup, a perfect color of lip make up, a smokey makeup, all these are patterned after the celebrities who wear them perfectly and beautifully.

Christina Aguilera BeforeChristina Aguilera After

Who is not stunned with the youthful and radiant beauty of Drew Barrymore wearing an eye makeup that truly enhances that shape and color of her eyes? Or the wide range of hairstyles of the ultimate style chameleon Christina Aguilera? How about the sexy smokey eyes of the beauty trendsetter Avril Lavigne and Angelina Jolie natural makeup look? Truly, the celebrity makeup 2012 does not speak on just how the celebrities will show their loveliness but it is more of how they could share a part of their personality.

Avril Lavigne BeforeAvril Lavigne After

Celebrities are also idolized by how they carry themselves wearing their hairstyle. There is a current hairstyle every year and celebrity hairstyles 2012 that ranges from the curly hairstyles to the Rihanna red hair and the punk hairstyle, to the bob hairstyle. Even the cute hairstyle add beauty and elegance as these styles are few of the much awaited hairst every. These styles are not only inspirational for their fans but also by people who want to be “in” when it comes to the way their hair looks. It is a fact, celebrities can be a big influence for hairstyles 2012.

Angelina Jolie BeforeAngelina Jolie After

Celebrities have that dazzling beauty that is even enhanced by professional makeup artists whose ultimate aim in their profession is to bring the best out of every stroke of brush that touches the celebrities’ face. Celebrities serve as models and inspiration to their fans allowing them to realize that they too, could look fabulous and glamorous.

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