Top Secrets Behind Fuller Looking Hair


Most people wish they had thick hair. You know the type that makes you look like you have a million and two strands of hair in your head? Yes that one. Very few of us fancy having thin hair that makes you look like we have ten strands only. However, some of us thanks to our genes or God have thin hair. If you fall in this last category you don’t have to feel all downtrodden and helpless. You can still work you’re your way and get your hair looking all full and thick.

If you are in the pursuit to get your hair looking fuller, here are some tricks that you should try:

1. Avoid too much oil

Now oil may leave all shinny and glossy but it will also- if applied in large amounts- create a coating on your hair that will keep it down. When your hair is pressed to the scalp it will definitely look thin irrespective of how thick it is naturally. This is why you should use little amounts of oil and if possible, resort to the use of hairsprays only as they are less oily. Remember a fuller look means as much hair away from the scalp as possible.

2. Avoid over-drying

Have you ever wondered why when you dry your hair it seems to have shrunk in volume? This is because the heat goes out to thin it out. It is in this light that if you are looking to get fuller looking hair, you should go slowly on the drying especially blow-drying. Basically, when you dry your hair, you reduce the elasticity and natural volume of your hair. Now think of what will happen if you over do it.

You will have stripped your hair off all its elasticity and volume leaving you with hair that is completely thinned out. Exposing your hair to too much heat will make it too straight or in extreme situations; make it break. Now, breaking and thinning may take us places but definitely not towards fuller looking hair.

3. Rinsing off all the conditioner when washing

The conditioning part of washing our hair can be a bit tricky. You have to ensure that no conditioner is left on the roots. This is because the residue conditioner will weigh the hair down depriving you of that fuller look. Notice that when your hair is lying low on your scalp, it is definitely going to look thin. This is why anything that will pull it down conditioners included should be scrapped.

4. Avoid too much bleach or relaxer

Hair Bleach or Relaxer

During this age when almost every person is dying their hair or relaxing it, you may also fall victim and it is not bad. However you should be keen not to over process your hair as this will leave you with hair that is completely fried. In essence, this will thin out your hair thus worsening the condition you are trying to run away from. This is why it is advisable to skip some weeks between bleaching and relaxing dates. And if your hair is naturally curly, consider embracing it the way it is because curls make your hair look fuller than if it was straight.

5. Keep hair moderately short

When you have long hair, it would be difficult to make it look fuller. This is because it is very easy for long hair to just flow back seamlessly. Thus you should trim the ends once in a while. This will foster hair growth thus making your hair thicker. If possible keep it moderately short.

6. Use rollers

After drying your hair, you can use rollers to get curls. Later comb the curls out. Use a wide toothed comb to ensure you don’t completely straighten the hair. This will leave with hair that is slightly raised away from the scalp thus giving you a much fuller look.

7. Get ideal voluminizing products

If there is something great about living in this century is that you can get products to rectify almost every situation. This is also true for getting hair volume. You will get voluminizing hairsprays, texturizers and even shampoos in almost any cosmetic shop. These products will become your life savers if you get the right ones. Shampoos will in particular plump up your roots thus making your hair bulge out and in the long run make it look fuller.

8. Avoid always combing you hair to one side

As much as it may be exhilarating to have signature hair styles, it may not do any good to your endeavor to get fuller looking hair. When you comb your hair to one side every day, it becomes accustomed to that and it may assume that position for ever. This is why you should consider changing the combing style once in a while. This will help you get that hair that does not cling to the scalp and thus looks fuller.

9. Get hair extensions

Get Hair Extensions

As a measure of last resort, you can get hair extensions to boost your hair volumes. Good thing is that you can get then in the exact color as your hair and can attach them at the exact points where you feel the volume is not enough.


If you have thin hair, you don’t have to resign yourself to this fate and sulk all through. You can get a fuller hair look through a number of measures from extensions to reduced processing and use of products that guarantee you more volume.


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