8 Travel Outfits Inspired by the Women of Power


Whether traveling for pleasure or business, you are a go-getter with a classy sense of fashion. Always appear fresh and polished no matter your destination. If you are such type of a lady, check the most stylish travel outfit from women of power. The ensemble here should be comfortable, eye-catching, and very functional. Take a hue and all eyes will be on you when dashing through security and even beyond.

1. 2-Piece Dress Set

2-Piece Dress Set

If you are not certain of the weather status in your destination, this is the dress to wear on a trip. It is the ideal clothing for business and pleasure tours rendering comfort and style. The main advantage of this dress is the ability to remove one of its layers when settled.

2. A Short Sleeved Knit Sweater

If the weather seems cool, sweaters are a perfect travel item. They are both functional and stylish, and having a right color can accent a variety of clothing combinations. A light sweater can dress up jeans and a shirt or dress down a stuffy 2-piece suit. They do not require ironing and match a variety of styles making them a perfect travel outfit. The only drop down is space consumption when packing.

3. Lightweight Linen Jacket

Lightweight Linen Jacket

Linen is a casual wear that can be matched with any other type of fabric other than linen. It thus adds texture to your entire look. They are made from thick weave and generally larger allowing you to cover your thighs.

4. A Silk Dress

Silk is a very pricey, beautiful and lustrously soft fabric. In addition to this, it has other unmatched synthetic benefits making it the queen of fabrics. Silk has all-natural properties that regulate heat making it perfect for any weather condition. You can therefore wear this dress at any time, whether summer or winter. To give it an elegant beauty, you may consider wearing it under a Crisp coat.

5. An Easy A-Line Skirt

An Easy A Line Skirt

An A-line skirt is a classic skirt that can be dressed up or down. They can transit from summer to fall, and most of all, its simple shape allows you to whip up a new skirt in any afternoon. Be sure to buy an A-Line skirt that fits your style and shape.

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6. A Simple Suit with Functional Skirt Pleats

A stylish and well fitted skirt is one traveling item that you should not leave behind. Available in different lengths, and fibers, perfect pleats are easier to maintain throughout the entire journey.

7. An Easy Black Wrap Dress

An Easy Black Wrap Dress

The front closure of this dress is formed by wrapping one side of it across the other and then fastening the wraps by use of buttons. When worn, it forms a V-neckline shape hugging the wearer’s curves.

8. Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

A shirtdress is good for all-day walking in the beach. Fitted with buttons from top all the way down, they are better suited for a cool reception. Consider wearing it on a cool aero plane.

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Before you select the outfit, check your body shape and dress according to its limitations. Factor in the weather conditions of the host environment that you will be travelling in to. If the weather is cool, you may consider having a heavier outfit. If hot, just carry a lighter outfit. When unsure, carry with you something that resonates between cold and hot weather.

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