Treat the Cause of Hair Fall and Prevent Baldness


Hair loss is a problem defined with so many causes. Some of the major causes we will discuss that will help to reason out the causes of hair fall and to prevent them accordingly. The hair fall problems are related to different causes like genes, race, sex, hormones, pregnancy and childbirth, birth control pills, menopause and age. Other reasons are skin diseases, too much intake of drugs, fever, infections, pressure, stress, massage and hairstyle.

Genetics is one of the reasons responsible for hair fall. As genes specify hair color, its type and rate at which it grows. The genes responsible for hair fall are inherited from parental genes. In general there are specific congenital types of baldness especially in males.


It has observed that certain races are more prone to progress male pattern baldness. In some races like Caucasians are more susceptible to male pattern baldness. On the other hand, blacks are least prone to hair fall like condition.

Gender difference

Women have comparatively less more hair problems like hair breakage due to hair styling and bleaching, permanent waving. Women are secured with hormones that protect them from intense hair fall conditions like baldness. On the other hand men are more prone to baldness effect.

Hormonal effect

The male hormone called androgen that is present in both male as well as women is responsible for male pattern baldness. This is commonly seen in genetically predisposed person. It is the female hormone estrogen produced by female ovaries that balance or counteract the effect of androgen. Due to this effect females are less or negligibly affected by male baldness pattern as compared to men.

There is a rare case of baldness in women who produce androgen hormone in excess. Apart from baldness, these women also face other problems like severe acne formation, menstrual disturbances and infertility. Androgen is mainly responsible for male pattern baldness. Apart from these other hormones like deficiency in pituitary hormones or excess or too much low production of thyroid hormones can cause thinning up of hairs. That may also lead to baldness.

The increase amount nutrition and hormones that are produced during pregnancy also cause adversely effect hairs. After delivery when these nutrition and hormone level falls down then it may make hair to starve and may lead them to a period called resting period. Actually during pregnancy, hairs are in anagen stage i.e. growing stage. The resting stage is telogen stage and hence these hairs get shed at the end of telogen period.

Other then this other cause of hair loss during pregnancy is hypothyroidism. This causes hairs to become thin and delicate that ultimately falls down.

The birth control pills

Birth pills works in the manner that it makes the body believe that it is pregnant but controls pregnancy in actual sense. These pills contain both female hormones that are Oestrogen and progesterone. Hence taking birth control pills also cause hair fall.


During menopause, ovaries become inactive and production female hormone oestrogen declines. Hence there occurs a condition where there is production of androgen hormone only, thus leading to baldness and hair fall problem.


As the age progresses hair fall becomes prominent. At the age of 20-30 ages hair fall reaches upto 615 follicles per square centimeter on your scalp. By 30-50 it reaches to 485 and by 85-90 it becomes 435 per square centimeter.

Extensive emotional stress also cause hair fall. Therefore emotional stress, depression increases the chances of hair fall.

High level constant medication causes leads to weakening of hairs and favors hair fall. Skin diseases causes disruption of hair follicle and eradicate the chances of re-growth of hairs.

Therefore, it is important to know the cause of hair fall and treat it accordingly. With the perfect treatment you may solve the problem of hair loss. It is also important to protect hair from environmental factors, pollution and keep them clean that will help to reduce hair loss to much extent.


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