Trending Shoes at NYFW: New Shoes To Own, Inspired By NYFW Summer 2017

By Melissa Snyte
  • 1. Studded Leather Boots

    Studded Leather Boots
  • 2. Strappy Wedged Sandals

    Strappy Wedged Sandals
  • 3. Black, Strappy Platform Shoes

    Black, Strappy Platform Shoes
  • 4. Flipflops

  • 5. Studded Pumps

    Studded Pumps
  • 6. Bowed Heels

    Bowed Heels
  • 7. Studded Flat Sandals

    Studded Flat Sandals

As New York Fashion Week winds down from its full blast opening on 9 February down to the last runways that opened on 17 February, we’re summing up some of the trendiest, most wearable pieces we’ve seen. According to Marc Jacobs, “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”.

The Footwear: Love, Love, Love

Clothes aren’t the only things to watch out for during fashion season, we love how the outfits are paired with bags, accessories, even hair and makeup but, most of all, we love ‘em shoes! Here are 7 of the trending shoes at New York Fashion Week:

1. Studded Leather Boots

Studded Leather Boots

With intricately painted and studded designs, boots can be the main focus of any outfit, perfectly complementing a matching dress but also perfectly paired with plain pieces. We most especially loved watching the clothes at the Marc Jacobs fashion show swing and sashay to these boots which came with platform heels, making up nostalgic of that 70’s trend.

2. Strappy Wedged Sandals

Strappy Wedged Sandals

Comfortable, cool and stylish all rolled into one. We love how these sandals easily pair up with loose, calf-length skirts at the Proenza Schouler runway show. Black and white combinations, as well as animal prints are the way to go.

3. Black, Strappy Platform Shoes

Black, Strappy Platform Shoes

Like a typical school girl trying hard to rock her boring uniform, this pair of shoes will bring. Worn with a dark pair of socks, this footwear was worn across every piece showcased on the Vera Wang runways which includes everything from basic and casual to glam and glittered pieces.

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4. Flipflops


Your old, basic flipflops won’t cut it this season. What those pair of downtime wear need is some serious facelift. The buckled, ankle-strapped flipflops spotted at the Alexander Wang runway should serve as your styling inspiration.

5. Studded Pumps

Studded Pumps

We love these shoes for their versatility. They can be easily worn with denim jeans, casual dresses or formal, long dress pieces. We loved how Rodarte takes her characteristically ethereal pieces into fantastic works of art and back to earth with these studded pumps.

6. Bowed Heels

Bowed Heels

Last season, Miu Miu stole our hearts with its flat, plaid bowed shoes. This season, fall in love with a similar pairing with a twist. Take inspiration from Rosie Assoulin — clog heels with calf-high bows.

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7. Studded Flat Sandals

Studded Flat Sandals

Oscar dela Rente understands that summer is a time for vacations and comfortable walks by the shore. That’s why the white, embroidered pieces on his show were paired with flat sandals adorned with wooden beads to complement lazy summer strolls.


Use this season’s trends as an inspiration to spice up and update your wardrobe. That does not automatically mean you should buy another set of stylish pieces to wear though. The real fashionista knows better — buy some, and make easy repairs on other pieces. What’s more important for you to consider is your convenience.

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