Trendy Dark Roots Hairstyles 2011


Among the latest hairstyle trends involve dark roots and lighter colored tips. The coloration can be achieved by visiting a local salon for hair color or by growing out the hair until dark roots are visible. In the past, ladies would never have dreamed about walking around with their dark roots showing. Now, it has become a trend that ladies of all ages are embracing as one of the cutting edge hair designs in the fashion industry.

latest hairstyle trendslatest hairstyle trends
by Franck Provost
by Franck-Provost

One way to achieve this blending of shades is to select a color that is lighter than your natural shade and apply it to the ends of the hair. Coloring the lower layers will give the two-toned effect desired. Those who have colored hair can let it grow naturally until eventually the same effect is achieved. There was a time when ignoring dark roots was unacceptable but some of the latest hair haircut techniques have uncovered a layered look that is youthful, polished and becoming more popular all the time.

natural shadenatural shade
by Jean louis david
by Franck provost

Celebrities have always set the pace when it comes to establishing the newest fashion and hairstyle trends. Hair color is changed on a regular basis and the newest styles show up first at red carpet ceremonies all over the world. Keeping up with the dark roots styles is a great way to update your personal look. The key is to make the transition between shades look natural. You don’t want a harsh line separating the two tones. Instead, the colors should blend together seamlessly. This edgy look is often coupled with a stylish haircut that is geometric and features short hair and blunt edges. It will also work with more relaxed and classy designs, so it is best to explore the options to find the best look for your face shape and skin coloring.

fashion and hairstyle trendsfashion and hairstyle trends
by jacques dassenge
by FranckProvost

Ladies who want to try out these two-toned styles do not have to start out with blonde hair. Lighter tones may also be added to black or brunette hair. It is simply a matter of choosing a shade for the bottom portion of the hair that is lighter than the natural color. Consult with a hair color expert for advice on what color and coloring pattern may work best for you. Jumping in without regard for the proper planning ahead of time can lead to disastrous results. Take the time to review the various options currently available and you will end up with a stylish hairdo that you will love.

Natural ColorNatural Color
by Jacques Dassenge
by franck provost

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