Latest Fashion Trends You Would Love To Follow in 2018


A dominant trait in the coming year’s fashion is a no-nonsense attitude paired with sexy exaggerated clothes shapes. For three most notable current fashion trends that I think will be under the spotlight for quite a while longer, keep reading this article!

1. All Things Asymmetrical

2018 is just about to arrive and looking at past fashion styles under a new light. So, everything asymmetrical from necklines, one-shoulder women tops and dresses, and the fabulous deconstructed shirts are current fashion trends and are worth trying out for fun yet up-to-the-minute outfits!

Although asymmetrical necklines are already popular today, Our editors have identified it as one of the latest new trendy fashion that will go even bigger in the coming 2018 and will be a part of fashion boutiques. This type of necklines emphasizes an off-balanced silhouette and wraps gracefully around your neck, shoulders, and collar bones.

Asymmetrical Neckline Tops

Also, since we can all agree that nothing beats the classic button-down shirt, Designers have been successful in finding new ways to present this piece with different cool twists. The deconstructed shirt style ranges from layers, bare backs, oversized sleeves, ruffles, and cuts.

This gives you a smart street-style and modern look. Check out multiple ways to rock this revamped classic here:

Deconstructed Shirts Trend

Because a button-down is so versatile, you can wear it on its own as a dress, as a blouse paired with matching asymmetrical slacks, or you know, as a shirt and paired with jeans and knee-high boots!

Deconstructed Shirts Trend 2

How do you adapt this idea of asymmetry for the ever popular off-the-shoulder trend? One-shoulder tops and dresses! If you’re already tired of the OTS fever, you can rise above the rest with pieces that bare the skin of only one shoulder. Since you can choose among many shirts and dresses, this style can be worn anywhere and by anyone be it the streets, formal events, the runway, or even weddings! Check out how the one-shoulder trend really works for most occasions and seasons:

This one-shoulder top and long skirt ensemble are perfect for a fashionable day at work.

Neckline Shirt

This cute dress in the classic color of men’s shirt but with a girly touch of ruffles is great for a casual date or night out!

One Shoulder Top

This bright, colorful top combined with a pair of white pants is an ideal wear for a summer outdoor event or a weekend barbecue with the family.

Colorful Top with White Pants

Lastly, what’s not to love about this minimalistic white dress? It’s simple yet elegant with a nice pinch of tailoring creativity that I think really transformed this otherwise straight up sheath dress. Wear this, and you’ll feel and look like a modern-day goddess!

Minimalistic White Dress

2. Femleisure

Ever heard of the athleisure trend? To give you an idea, this is where people wear clothes originally designed for athletic activities or workouts (such as yoga pants) into other casual occasions or even to work!

Because this style perfectly pairs comfort with style, both men and women have started becoming really into it recently. This year, along with the similar rise of more feminine clothing, a new trendy fashion has been reborn out of the combination of the two: The Femleisure.

Femleisure gives you a combination of sporty and chic by mixing up athletic clothes like joggers with highly feminine pieces like frilly blouses, floral prints, and high heels. Scroll down for examples of this cool hybrid:


Wear your favorite bomber jacket with a crop top and a high-waist skirt for a chill, playful vibe like the one above or with a dressy top and long slacks for a more formal outfit for work.

Bomber Jacket

Combine the leisure of wearing boxer shorts and cutoff top with a floral bomber jacket and heels for a perfect casual day outfit!

Bomber Jacket and boxer

You can also go for a studded bomber jacket then balance it off with a feminine white dress.Yes, that may be a bit different but that is the way the soon-to-be princess Meghan Markle does it! Just look at how a 30+ years old woman rocks her outfit!

Meghan Markle Suits Style

Here are more examples of combinations of this trend grabbed from Pinterest:

Femleisure Fashion

3. Exposed Briefs and Bras

Nowadays, underwear is not only limited to be worn under and concealed inside outerwear but are apparently meant to be flaunted! From thongs, bras, and lady briefs, we see more and more wearable undies shining their way out of the shadows.

Look at how famous designers use sheer clothing to show off underwear in these photos:

Exposed Briefs

If you’re not into showing it all but still want to show some skin, you can always opt to give people a peek at your bras like these runway looks of Victoria Beckham,

Victoria Beckham Style

So, no more lurking beneath cute tops and shirts for bras anymore! Stars and even regular people are now even bringing this trend into the streets by allowing the bands of their thongs and briefs to be displayed above their pants and skirts or purposely letting their bra straps show like the ones below:

Bevza Ready to Wear 2018
Strappy Bralette Under V Neck

As the year is closing to its end, new trendy fashion and styles also come and go along with the season. Towards the last few months of last year and in the first three quarters of 2017, the fashion scene has evolved, as your clothing choices should, as well!


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