5 Simple & Easy Tricks to Conceal Dark Circles Around Your Eyes


Are you desperately trying to blot out those dark under eyes but can’t always seem to get it right? If you’re finally considering to undergo a clinical procedure to get your eye skin issues out of the way, won’t you take some more time to reconsider?

5-Step process to obliterate those Dark pigments around your Eyes

Makeup is one thing when it comes to making dark pigments disappear but, to further improve the appearance of skin around your eyes, you may need to subscribe to specific skincare routine that helps improve your skin issue. Consider incorporating an eye cream into your daytime and night time regimen. Sign up products that contain brightening ingredients like retinol, tretinoin, kojic acid or papaya extract.

Try these simple tricks used by makeup professionals and junkies alike to effectively remove dark circles around eye.

1. Moisturize your Eye area

Moisturize your Eye area

Moisturizer is fine but, if your eye skin appears deep or puffy, it’s best that you use an eye cream before even beginning to apply makeup.

2. Cover your entire face, including skin around your eyes with a BB cream in the shade of your skin.Although this first step can be well performed with your clean fingers alone, you are strongly advised to use your foundation brush for better coverage and for the product to be well incorporated into your skin.

3. Examine your Eye area more closely

Examine your Eye Area

If you still see dark circles around eye, you need a stand-alone concealer in salmon shade. If you don’t have one on hand, don’t fret. Simply take your nude concealer and find a red lip color in a creamy texture. Blend these two on the back of your palms then, once well mixed, dot around your eyes.

4. Draw an inverted triangle under your Eyes. Using your concealer brush, pick up some of the mixture from the back of your hands. Using the same, draw an inverted triangle underneath both eyes. This technique draws the light away from your dark under eye. Still using your concealer brush, distribute the mixture around the corners and top sections of your eyes, and then in an inverted triangle at the base.

5. Make your concealer last by buffing Loose powder or Transluscent powder on your Eye area.

Transluscent powder on your Eye area

This gives your makeup an added layer of protection so it does not literally fall off of your face when you start to sweat and your skin begins to oil, most especially.


Dark under eyes can easily become a perennial problem of yours when you don’t get to deal with them soon. Sometimes, a procedure may be necessary but, most of the time, all it takes are simple tweaks in your lifestyle — eat healthy, drink more fluids, get sufficient rest and sleep – and a few makeup tricks to get perky dark under eyes out of your way to beautiful skin.

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