Easy Ways to Contour and Highlight for Natural Looking Makeup Look


Applying makeup can be intimidating in itself. Even after years of applying makeup, too many women are still uncertain about what color schemes flatter their natural assets and complexions the best. The same sad story continues with contouring and highlighting. Even though these makeup tricks have been trending for years, very few can practically follow what needs to be done to get contouring and highlighting products work to their advantage.

So, ladies, if you think you’re ready for final lowdown that gets you to confidently try this makeup tricks once and for all, just follow this step-by-step guide that will give you surprising results:

Step 1: Cleanse and Clear Your Skin

Cleanse and Clear Your Skin

From now on, start every makeup routine by treating your skin. Exfoliate when you can but at least cleanse and tone at the minimum. This step is important so that you’re always starting with a fresh, revitalized canvas. Tone to tame your pores.

Step 2: Treat Your Skin: Follow through with your essences and moisturizers. Pack in these products rather than spreading onto your skin. Dot and pat. Give each product time to seep in and set before applying the next layer.

Step 3: Identify the Naturally Lowest and Highest Points of Your Face: Where the lowest points are – the deep part of your cheeks when you suck in, the sides of your nose and the outer parts of your face, including your jaw – apply a contouring cream that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Where you see the highest points – the apples of your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and your chin – apply a highlighter. In both steps, use cream-based products for better control and don’t blend into your skin just yet.

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Step 4: Apply a Foundation in your Skin Tone:

Apply a Foundation in your Skin Tone

Apply foundation all over, including on top of your contouring and highlighting creams. Blend in well but, where the highlighters and contours appear, leave your creams and foundation loosely packed but just right to achieve consistency in skin tone.

Step 5: Apply your Highlighter Sparingly: Draw a highlighter at the bottom part of your eyebrow to give it an instant lift. Use some under your eyes too to bring the skin forward, most especially if you have puffy eyes.

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Step 6: Give your Face a Quick Blush All Over:

Give your Face a Quick Blush All Over

Make the blush more prominent on your cheeks where your highlighter sits. Make sure to pick up just a light blush that perfectly complements your contoured complexion. Remember, you’re going for a naturally contoured, no makeup look so take it easy on the blush. Stroke the blush brush and don’t dribble to make sure the product evenly adheres to your skin.


Simple enough for you? Now, that didn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time to complete now or, did it? No worries, the more you do it, the better and faster you can complete it.

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