5 Easy Tricks For Securing a Bun Cuff to Your Hair for a Stylish Look


Here is a great DIY that gives you another great alternative use for those well-loved, stylish cuffs you have tucked away in your jewelry box. Those lovely metallic bands that adorned your arms until now have found a new purpose, and you’ll never believe it’s the next best thing to hit your hair this summer — bun cuffs!

Get your Bun Cuffs Ready

If you’re planning on a single bun, you only need to do the following tips to getting a bun cuff that’s uniquely yours once but, if you’re setting out to do a double bun, repeat the steps.

Style No. 1: The Metallic Bun Cuff. Get an inexpensive metallic cuff that’s thick enough to match the thickness of your hair and bun. You may want something new but you can always take one from your accessories collection. Next, get a slim pony tail that’s slim enough to be hidden on the underside of your cuff but broad and strong enough to support the thickness of your bun.

Instead of using glue, get yourself an all-surface instant glue these adhesives simply bond stronger so you can be sure your cuff does not separate from your scrunchy.

Style No. 2: The Floral Bun Cuff. Get yourself some florals and stick these one by one on a scrunchy, enough to cover it up with flowers. Or, an alternative is to get yourself a wire, cover it up with any ribbon or textile you can find then decorate it with flowers. Simply twist it around your buns with ease to secure it.

Floral Bun Cuff

Style No. 3: Leather Bun Cuff – Get yourself one of those leather cuffs that are also currently trending. You can pull off this style whether you choose a thick or a thin leather cuff. The ones with some metallic buckles on it will look great on your buns.

Style No. 4: Elastic Bun Cuff- Got an elastic bracelet that has big and bold beads on it? You can use those as bun cuffs too, and you just might start a trend! Colorful, marbled beads in corals and aquamarine will make your buns standout and uniquely yours.

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Style No. 5: Tiara Bun – Put on a little bit more sophistication to this trend by pairing up a nice tiny summer dress with a bun secured with a bejeweled tiara. Get it new or, if you still have those hair bands and tiaras from last season, you can bring back the trend by pairing it with your bun.

Tiara Bun


Wear your buns so many ways high, middle or low, full or half, single or double however you prefer them, there are at least five ways you can style it up. Own these styles and, if you pick up some inspiration, you just might pull off your own trending design ideas— fresh flower garlands, anyone?

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